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I suggest adding an option for removing the explicit run verification process entirely for a given game.

When this option is used, all submissions go directly to the leaderboard without any verification, and game mods can retrospectively remove or fix entries as needed. Game mods can set this option if they so desire, and then unverified submissions are tagged accordingly.

Reason for suggesting this is that many (or most?) mods don't even look at runs unless it's a new WR submission, nor is there usually any reason for them to. I know this from personal experience, I used to be a mod here for several games and rarely watched submissions before verifying, and all other mods did the same. Having a verification process in name only creates confusion, so an option should exist to remove it.


Are you requesting an option to automatically verify runs without a moderator needing to check it? If so, this option already exists, every leaderboard can switch the option "runs require verification". The decision of using this option is up to the community / moderators of the leaderboard.

It is the best to discuss this option with the moderators of the leaderboard itself. If there are problems regarding verification proces of a specific leaderboard, please shoot a dm or reply to the Moderation Request thread.

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Oh for f* .

Thanks. It's been a while since I was a mod, didn't realise it already existed. Well, at least this was very simple 😃

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