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The game is not a part of the Shrek series, despite that it should be. Could you please fix this?


ROMaster2: Editing base/parent games is broken at the moment. I put it as a "mod" as requested.

CipherCraft618: Thanks

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Hi, I currently moderate a Galaxian series, and there is a few games in question I feel should be added to this

I feel these should be added, due to their affiliation with the Galaxian Series

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Added Galaxian

I have mixed opinions about a "Mario Bros" series, as it sounds like it would include these two games, but nothing called "Super Mario Bros", which I feel is what a user would be expecting if they clicked on the series.

It might make more sense to just have a generic "Mario" series, which would also include stuff like this:

Do people have any thoughts on that?

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I agree with a general "Mario" series. "Super Mario" refers to the main series of Mario platformers while the entire franchise is often referred to as Mario.

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it is possible in principle to add to the common series about Mario

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I think it would be nice to have 1 generic serie (for like mario) which all other series can fall under.
But some games dont want to be associated to meme games, which makes this something i dont think should be added.

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Hi, can Shrek 2 (GBA) be placed in the Shrek series please? Here is a link to the game. thanks.

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"But some games dont want to be associated to meme games, which makes this something i dont think should be added."

How many games and how many people? Is this enough of an issue that the idea of a Mario Series should be entirely discounted, based solely on a pretentious conjecture?


As for a "Mario Bros." series, I think it could be accurately titled "Arcade Mario Bros.", or something to the effect of describing the gameplay (single-screen, etc.) The title was originally released for arcades, and other versions are based on the standard arcade gameplay.


Hello! I'd like to change the game I moderate, Pokémon Sweet Edition, to a ROM hack of Pokémon FireRed. Thanks!


@frathebest game request usually take around a week before they are approved/rejected, have some patience!


smartalec0624: Added
GrandestDad: I made it a Rom Hack. Attaching to parent games has been broken for a while.
frathebest: Game requests are getting behind, I'll try to catch up this weekend as I have time. Usually we say 1-2 weeks.


I plan to get Ninety Nine Nights 2 and was going to try to run it or see if it is runnable. Until then because pages need to require a run first as is the rules, could the N3 page at least have it apart of a series. Then when I do a run of the sequel add it to the series? I do realize it was my fault because the game did exist prior to making the page.

Here is the game page, the series is called Ninety Nine Nights. If this can be changed for the page that would be appreciated.


I would like to request a SUPERHOT series, as SUPERHOT VR has been released and is different enough of a game to need its own leaderboards. Additionally, I'd like to request that SUPERHOT VR get its own page, even though there aren't any runs yet. It would be helpful to set up the page (as the moderator of SUPERHOT) to make it easy for VR runners to submit times, but I do not have Oculus gear, so I cannot run it myself.

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Hi. I would like to be set as a Fangame and a Webgame. Thanks!

EDIT: I'd also like for to be listed as a Fangame.


Please add Undertale as the base game of Undertale Yellow.