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My request for Shadow of the Beast series was recently approved.

I'd like to suggest adding the first two games to the series.

I could also serve as a backup mod for at least the second game, because the only current mod is not active.


I would like if Azangara is declassified as a web game because it is not. You must download the game online but it is an independent application that does not use the web to play and is stored on your PC.

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@Eino I've added both games to the series, however I added you as a regular mod to the second game because while I think this is okay as is I would prefer if you made an attempt to contact the current mod. Moderation requests should go here;

@azanguru_xXGARGANGXx Done.


Hi, I am looking to add the existing Madden games to the newly created Madden series. Those are Madden NFL 2003, Madden NFL 18, Madden NFL 19, Madden NFL Mobile.

Thanks in advance, yall are awesome!


Hi, we recently added a multi-game page for @
I believe a full mod would need to tag the game for a multi-game type.

Separately, it seems "Me and the Key 3", "Factory Balls 2", and "Factory Balls 4" are not displaying on the series page despite the game's individual pages showing that they are part of the series. I don't know what's going on there, but it would be helpful if it was investigated. Thanks!


@Jumpyluff Set the multi-game game type. I believe the issue with the series is that there is a checkbox for "Show Unofficial Games" that is not checked and that checking it would show these games as well.


That worked, thank you! I'm not sure why some of those games were marked as unofficial. Despite moderating the series, I don't have access to edit every game in the series so I didn't realize that was an issue. Appreciate the quick help


Could we get added to the Pokémon Fangames series ( ) ? Was accidentally requested outside of it.


Hows it going. The game I added:, isn't really meant for Full-game speedruns. Its more just vehicle types and races under that type of vehicle. It's almost like how the Black Ops Zombies series speedruns are setup but just not maps.


@Noller111Noller111 So what exactly is being asked of us here?