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@halqery Set. Did not set a base game as it appears it will be used for several of the pokemon games in the Mystery Dungeon series.

  Mr_MaryMr_Mary Can you set the series for this as "Half-Life 2 Mods" Asked earlier but the rollback ate it
Thx in advance


^ same here.. could this game being labelled as 'modification'? It is a mod for SCP Containment Breach. Thankyou!


Hello, can someone set as a mod based on Doom 2? Thanks in advance.


Hey, I’d like to make a few changes to the space funeral series

A) make space funeral 1 and 2 part of the space funeral series
B ) make the space funeral series category extensions actually a category extensions lol


Could we set Space Funeral series Categories to have Space Funeral as the base game, as well as adding it to the Space Funeral series? Forgot to ask in the last post.


@sto1crose Done, it's already added to the series just the 'Category Extension' gametype has assigned it as an 'Unofficial' game. Can be corrected to show on the series page by editing the series and ticking the box requesting to show unofficial games.


My request for Shadow of the Beast series was recently approved.

I'd like to suggest adding the first two games to the series.

I could also serve as a backup mod for at least the second game, because the only current mod is not active.


I would like if Azangara is declassified as a web game because it is not. You must download the game online but it is an independent application that does not use the web to play and is stored on your PC.

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@Eino I've added both games to the series, however I added you as a regular mod to the second game because while I think this is okay as is I would prefer if you made an attempt to contact the current mod. Moderation requests should go here;

@azanguru_xXGARGANGXx Done.