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I'd like to request a series for Spark the Electric Jester now that we have two Spark games

Associated lbs are:


@Shanekilz Have you contacted any of the mods from the original game? Would be preferred if one of them are onboard with this.


@Habreno sorry for the late reply. I know this is not where you request, I just wanted to gauge whether mods like you would agree with me or not before I submitted a request. By more details, not sure what you mean, but here's my point.
The dev, Carykh, made these games in flash, and they have similar ideas and art, and he posted them on his site His brother helped out in some of them. There has been a community around carykh for a while, as he is also a YouTuber, and small communities formed around his games. This is why Goime 500 is so popular, being one of the largest flash games on the site. Before they even were on, people from the community (called HTC - htwins central) often played the games, and referred to them as 'Carelics', a portmanteau of 'Cary' and 'relics'. Cary himself has posted videos on his channel ( of the games, most of which aren't on
As more of them have been speedrun and added to (most recently Racing Extreme), I thought it would make sense to add them all in a singular series, as that is how people in the community treat them. I tried this a year ago but was rejected (There were less carelic games on the site back then). I think more and more of his games will be speedran and added to the site over time, so it makes sense to have a series. Also, up to this point, i have been made mod on the boards of the games as a sort of workaround, but that means I am the central pillar and places a lot of responsibility etc. on my end, which I think is unfair, especially as I might not be the mod holding everything together forever. Also, its not good to rely on one person for everything. Additionally, we have one discord server for all the games in the series (as well as a few fangames) so the community is already all in one place (Goime 500 also has its own seperate server as it is so big).
Also, there are already series' like the Nitrome series, where all the games are made by the same dev but are not part of the same universe, so there is a precedent.

The games (on right now) are:
- Goime 500
- BFDIA 5b
- Tidepool
- Racing Extreme

There has also been talk of adding more games such as Chompster, as people have run them already.
Finally, I wanted to say thanks for your help, sorry it was such a long read, but I truly think it would make things much easier to have them all in one series. I also understand I still have to request a series after this, but I really appreciate your feedback as it would be very helpful in formulating that request, and it's not something you have to do. Thanks!

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@Gave2hazeGave2haze I have created the series manually ( https://www.​speedrun.​com/carelics ) and added the four games mentioned to it. If you have any requests for a series icon or coloring, please let me know so I can set those up before I remove myself from the series to leave it moderatorless, as we would prefer it be. If new games for the series are wanted, request them via the normal means of a game request form as usual.

In addition to a series cover and colors, if there is a permanent Discord invite for the series or permanent page for it that would also be good information to provide, so it can be added.


@Dangerless I've spoken with @Treya and they're perfectly fine with it. I can ask them to post ITT if you need that proof. I've been incontact with them through the Spark Speedrunning Discord we have.