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I didn't actually ask for you to respond Deln so don't blame me if you can't interpret the message correctly

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-They are in the Super Mario Series. The community is completely separate from the other mario games
-The post literally states that we are not doing it to get mod status, because series mods don't automatically get mod on all the games in the series anymore
-I know you think that because you've been on this site for ages, have run many games and patrol the moderation requests thread with pointless and off putting responses, that you have attained a respectable position and have the right to tell other people what to do when you know nothing about the situation, but I can assure you, it just makes you look silly.
-I'm not going to respond or listen to any further replies from you, because it's none of your business what a separate community wants, does, or requests.


Quick note: There is literally no point on responding to requests that don't really concern you in any way. The admins probably won't take your opinion into account.


StrawberryMilk: I usually prefer at least 3 games existing. Requests for now series can also go through the game request form. Also, the game you just added has no runs. Lonely board. 🙁

LozBlind: Since you only moderate one official release, I'm not sure this makes the most sense. The boards seem to be functioning relatively fine as is. As you mentioned, they are in a series, and factioning off a smaller series doesn't really accomplish anything other than putting a few games on their own page unless there's strong consensus. The "all my friends on Discord agreed" point can't hold much weight because it's not necessarily representative of the whole community's opinions. I'm not saying I'm against having a smaller series, but I'm not sure someone who moderates one game (and the modification derivates) should be placed "over" all 5 games, even if not inherited. People still perceive it as "over."

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Yeah, that's fair enough and totally fine. We have no inherent need for one. My other posts were in response to Deln, who has now gone back and deleted the hostile messages he pointlessly responded with.
I had asked people such as ewaller who have run all of them if they wanted to do it instead, but they weren't interested, too busy etc. It's just an idea we had and we thought it'd be worth asking about it to see if we could get something going. Thanks for your time ^^


Hi, can we add the series "Space Station Silicon Valley", as there are currently 2 games in the series on the board ( and as they are N64 and the GB port) as well as another that may potentially be run in the future (though might not be so doesn't have a board) and would make it easier for a "link" to exist between them.

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Hi! This isn't a request but i need your help. I requested Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions (DS) and i linked a notable run to this game. But a guy rejected my request and he said that there are no runs linked even though i linked one. Please help!


Marxvile: I missed this post last time I went through the forums, sorry about that. Please use the game request form. I updated the original post to make it more clear that this is the intended course of action.

NightmareGameZ: You probably linked a longplay or a TAS. The leaderboards are intended to track serious attempts for games. A user is welcome to submit his own longplay, but we shouldn't track other people's longplays arbitrarily, because they generally aren't aimed at going as fast as possible.

Leery: Please use the game request form. I updated the original post to make it more clear that this is the intended course of action.


I'd like to request the adding of Pingwinek Kelvin to the Kao the Kangaroo / Kangurek Kao series.
It's not a Kao game, but it's in the same universe and not very well known so we'd like to give it some more exposure.


Bart Bonte series

Along with these, I'll be adding these, which I haven't bothered individually submitting yet, as there's little competition.

Full Moon -
Me and the Key -
Duck -

Other games that will be added when runs are completed or found online

Sugar, Sugar (1/2/3/Christmas)
Me and the Key (2/3)
Factory Balls series
Bonte Escape series

More information here:


Pixel Quest: The lost gifts and Pixel Quest should be a group maybe just under pixel quest


Per the first post (which I edited to be even more explicit, these requests should all go through the game request form except Kaopoke's, which requires this thread. (I realize the topic title isn't as explciit, but is reading the first line of the first post asking too much?)

Leery: I don't really know what you want this series called.
Jumpyluff: done
Kaopoke: done
Cappan1: done
f1: done


@kirkq maybe you should rename the "request a game" button to "request a game/new serie". that might be more clear on the games page.


@kirkq, it seems as if is connected to but it is not shown in the series. Is this a known bug? Also, I would post this in the mod request forum, but it's related to this and that thread is currently being spammed heavily with a specific drama.

jh05013 is a mod for 40xescape, which is a game in the bonte series. I submitted my run over a week ago, and it hasn't been approved yet. I'd also like to get all the games in the series to have the same style, have the correct release date, consistent themes, etc. Also the category he has is just the name of the game instead of any%. Just small things like this add up to where it doesn't look like it's in the same series as others. He seems more of a South Korean rhythm game player than a speedrunner based on his YT channel, especially in the last 5 months. Must've fallen out of interest sadly.


Pls add 2 games on site. 1st game just get a reached many points(100000 Game A, Game 😎, 2nd game just complete game.
1st - Mario Bros[NES]
2nd - Top Gun 2: The Second Mission[NES]


Jumpyluff: The "Webgame" tag is directly tied to the "Show unofficial games by default" setting. I don't know exactly what these games are, so I just removed thje tag for now to be consistent with the rest. Added to the game due to inactivity.

Darazanjoll: It looks like this is already true. The site doesn't link downwards from games to rom hacks since the update 6+ months ago. Ideally that will be fixed at some point.

Death_Devil: Game requests go through the form Gyoo linked, category requests go through the moderators for that specific game.

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