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hi, could

be added to

(also, would it be possible for you guys to change that url to just dwarfcomplete or nah)

  TheKombatKingTheKombatKing Needs it's game type changed to "Rom Hack."


Hello. This game base on Half-Life 2/Not Half-Life 1. Change plz.

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Hello, again.
Add plz this game to HL series. And this game is modification based on Half-Life 2 (add it)
Thanks ;D

Game type: Minigame
Base game: Minecraft
Thanks 🙂

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Furthermore, please delete the “modification” tag. The map doesn’t modify the base game at all. Thanks.

  ypyp It's a category extension page for Glover (all versions)


Not sure if I should have mentioned this in my game request, but if we could make a series out of the two versions of Flashback (would allow us to make a board for the first game's sequel, too) that'd be dandy.

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Unsure of what to post (maybe) but recently these two were approved:

As of this post, I edited the first board only - but the first game erroneously(?) displays "Web Game" as the game type. I'm not sure if this is considered correct as there's no Java kind of component at all. It's a small little downloadable indie PC game, can't be controlled through mouse or clicking anything like that. Is it possible to remove that and also group these two games into 1 game series as well?

Thanks. 🙂