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@Tropio Done.


@Daravae what happened to Asphalt 8?


@Tropio Not quite sure what you mean as Asphalt 8 is part of the series. If you browse to the page you can see "Asphalt series" just below the game's picture in the left nav bar.


@Daravae It's not appearing in the series page for me, yet it is on the game page and when I click on "Asphalt series" on the game page, it takes me to the series page and still doesn't show Asphalt 8.


@Tropio The checkbox "Show unofficial games by default" was unticked. It should show now.

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Hey was hoping if you guys could add the pewdiepie games to the series:

and idk if this is the right place but I accidentally made a second Zero deaths cause I'm retarded. Is there a way it could get deleted?


@Solid All done.


Hey! Im reposting this from the leaderboard moderation thread, as Liv told me it would porbably fit better here. I submitted a game which got accepted about a day ago. In the request for the game I mentioned how the game was in the same series as a game thats on the site. The series got a board created, and both games are under the series, but theres no mod I'd like to be mod so I can add a logo etc. Thanks!


@Liv my bad, misinterpreted the post. At the end of the day it dosnt matter though, because both games were deleted off the site without warning.


Can you please add bomb chicken to the nitrome series


We need marked as both Multi-game and Category Extensions


@halqery Set. Did not set a base game as it appears it will be used for several of the pokemon games in the Mystery Dungeon series.

  Mr_MaryMr_Mary Can you set the series for this as "Half-Life 2 Mods" Asked earlier but the rollback ate it
Thx in advance


^ same here.. could this game being labelled as 'modification'? It is a mod for SCP Containment Breach. Thankyou!


Hello, can someone set as a mod based on Doom 2? Thanks in advance.

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My apologies, fixed @Turbofa

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Hey, I’d like to make a few changes to the space funeral series

A) make space funeral 1 and 2 part of the space funeral series
B ) make the space funeral series category extensions actually a category extensions lol