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@Dustinechoes Done.


I think Torch Cave ( should not be classified as a webgame; it was formerly available on steam (though it was removed because the devs were being extremely hostile towards players, long story) and is now available for purchase from a different steam-like store called ''. Webgame to me sounds like a free online flash game or something, though I could be mistaken here. I would like to request that the game category 'webgame' be removed from Torch cave.
Thanks for your time.

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Hi, the game I requested, Lost Alien, as been set as a Webgame but it isn't : this is a classic .exe program to download on
Could you put this off ? Thanks.



Hi, can any games in the Bart Bonte series that have either the mobile game or webgame tag, have the tag removed? The Bart Bonte series is a series of games that are only on web and mobile, so it dosnt make sense to hide some games on the series page. Thank you

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@Wipeoutjack7 Please don't ask for other boards/series to have settings altered if you don't moderate any of the games or series in question. While those may get hidden by default you can manually change the setting for them to appear in the left panel towards the bottom or the series mod can have them appear by default by changing the series page settings.

If moderators of the boards want it removed, we are more than willing change those game types but we won't do it just because a runner or random person requests it.


Sorry, can the games in that series that I moderate: yellow, and red be removed of any tags? Thanks

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Can you change the game type of Sonic Before the Sequel Aftermath to Fangame please? ( )


Hello, thanks for aproving my game request. Would it be possible for it to be set as a Webgame please?



Hello, just requesting again that Torch Cave ( have the webgame category removed, as it is not a webgame. It was available through steam and and it runs via an executable. Thanks.

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@NerdyNester If you're requesting a series for those games you'll have to go through the game request form and select "series".

@TheGreenViper8 @TheMadWasp @Captain-No-Beard Done.



DD2 is missing from DD series:

Could you add it? 🙂

Have a nice day.


Hello i was wondering if it was possible to remove the ''Webgame'' game type from please.


Hello, a game I requested ( was set to a webgame. It is not that. Could this please be fixed? Thank you.


Everything done above this post.