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@ItsMaximum Done, also added the webgame tag to the multi-game.

@R0main Done.

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So Nitrome must Die just got accepted and it is listed as a mobile gametype although its a webgame could that be changed please


I switched the gametype to Webgame instead of Mobile. @Cytruss


Can the aforementioned nitrome must die be added to the nitrome series please (I'm not a mod of the game but I'm a mod of the series and I've been asked for this to be done by cytruss on discord)

  mobiusmobius Can 'mobile' be un-checked for this game? It's preventing it from appearing on series page once we unchecked 'Show unofficial games' - since it's an official game, and zero runs are actually done on the mobile device, we'd prefer functionality over having the mobile tag.



Can this be made a multi-game?


This will be a big one, but can you add all Telltale Games existing on the site to the Telltale series?

Here is the list of all Telltale games:

Like I said, I'm not requesting every single one of them to be added to the site, just asking to add the existing ones here to the series.


@mobius Doesn't entirely make too much sense to remove what is a mobile game from the mobile tag for this reason. That said, games with the mobile tag should probably be visible on series pages by default (no idea why they don't) and it's probably something that would be better adjusted/changed in the future.

@conormcmahon Done.

@SpiderHako I'll look through the site sometime today for these titles and get around to it, for the multi-game request, done.

@Sapphron Done.

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Hello, just created a category extension game for Left 4 Dead 2 to clean up the main pages and would like the appropriate tag added,


Thanks! I do see now that it doesn't show on the series page unless game type in the bottom-left is set to "or" instead of "and" which seems kind of obscure. Is there any way around this so it shows more easily on the series page?


Go to the series page

Edit Series > Tick box labelled 'Show Unofficial Games', save.


So i requested the game syobon action 3 a couple of days ago, and it just got verified. One thing I noticed though is that I accidentally called it a fan-made game when it is not. I say this because this causes it to not appear with the other games in the cat mario series. Could anyone please change the game type to a web game as soon as possible? Thanks for your time.