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Hi guys, i would like to have the SFC Kamen rider game attached to the Series thank you !


Could you add this game :
in the mobile type please ?


Can someone please add Timer West to the Timberman Series?


@DankusSR It already is but because its a mobile type it doesn't appear by default though people can see it if they click on this;

I believe you can also change the settings manually in the series settings to show by default instead of hidden.


Can you add deltarune category extensions thanks


Ask the Deltarune mods.


Repost, but we would like to add Category Extensions/Multiple Games tags/types to the following entries.




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Could you add Action Henk ( to the Action Henk series ( Thank you! 🙂

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Is Action Henk a standalone game, or is there other games (like sequels and such) affiliated with it? Looking for it, it appears to be its own game. If that's the case, I'm not sure why a series for it even exists, as its purpose is to house multiple games under the same series.

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We were going to add a second page for people to submit their individual level runs. The way we have the boards set up on the current game won't allow us to cleanly add the IL's. The way it is setup now we have full game runs in full game, and Individual batch runs on the level leaderboard. With the second page we can put the single player levels cleanly in full game, and actively run custom levels in the level leaderboads. There are 77 levels in total, so it would be hard to put them in the main boards without mixing the batch runs with IL's. It would be something like what we did for the Destiny 2 boards ( ) to deal with an overabundance of clutter


Just so you get a response from me as well, what Zeee said is exactly the purpose.



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Could this game be added to the mobile tag? Also, I'm only a mod for the first game, so if I'm looking to add both games to the game's series, do I also need to contact the 2nd game's mod?


I think this game (Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure) should be added to Dr. Mario serie. Thanks!


Thank you very much for adding Henk to the series! Could you give the "Category Extension" tag as well? Thanks 🙂


Could we have added to Mario Series and game type added as Multi-Game?


@Imaproshaman Done, and would be preferred, yeah.

Everything else done.

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