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@Jumpyluff Added the series here:

About the runs, I can try locate them directly and provide the links to you but as for the current page listings unfortunately once they are deleted then they're gone unless you contact Kabukiman regarding potentially rolling back the board.

@xDrHellx Done.

@Buruk47 Done.

@razetime Done.

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I requested a category extension page for Metroid Prime (which I kinda got), but it's just a separate game with no connection to Metroid Prime at all. I had specified in Additional Notes to make it a category extension page but that's not what I got. Any fix?

Game can be found here:


@Dyceron I made the adjustments for you, let us know if there's anything else

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That's all. Thank you

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@Liv Rolling back that board really isn't my responsibility and I don't have a say in it, it's not a leaderboard I'm moderating. Is there a way to just salvage the info without rolling it back for Granolant just to edit again?

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I sent a few of the possible runs to your discord via DM. There were about 3 runs (for the PC board) I could see in the logs that were deleted around your time of posting. Past those 3, I can't personally see any other info regarding deleted runs.


I just requested Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Category Extensions which I got, but I specified to make it a Category Extension board for Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. I got the board but there is no connection. I specified in the Additional Notes to make it a Category Extensions board. The same thing happened when I requested the Metroid Prime Category Extensions board so I'm not sure if the notes are even read. In any case, can this be made into an extensions board? Board can be found here:


@Dyceron Should be good now.


I’m requesting to add Puffy Treasure Island to the Cartoon Network series? Thanks! 🙂

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Can The Hobbit (1982), War in Middle Earth, & The Lord of the Rings: Journey to Rivendell please be added to the The Lord of the Rings series.


Thank you.

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Assault Spy left Steam Early Access as of yesterday. Can the game page be updated to reflect this?

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@PvtCb Updated in what way?


could have the Category Extension Tag added?


Could have the webgame tag removed? Having the tag is inconsistent with other games in its series

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Can you add the mobile gametype to Thanks! 🙂


Would it be possible to add Final Fight Arcade
to the Final Fight Series page?

  KomradeKomrade requesting CV OHKO to be listed as a rom hack


Hello. First of all, thanks for full moderation for Verifying my game request!

This is a classic MS-Dos game from 1996.

I ask for a change that only full mods can make. The full mod set "mobile" as a platform for this game but its not available for mobile.

The "Death Rally" that is available for mobile is not this game, but another one, a Reboot that would require a new game request. So I ask for deleting "mobile" from categories.

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