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Hello. First of all, thanks for full moderation for Verifying my game request!

This is a classic MS-Dos game from 1996.

I ask for a change that only full mods can make. The full mod set "mobile" as a platform for this game but its not available for mobile.

The "Death Rally" that is available for mobile is not this game, but another one, a Reboot that would require a new game request. So I ask for deleting "mobile" from categories.

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@Liv Yeah, the remake is a complete different game. It makes more sense to keep separated. Thank you! ^^

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Could be set as a mobile game per chance? (Also apparently there isn't a way to set "pc" in the game settings?)


Both set.

PC should be under platforms.

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Could you put the existing game Star Evil (Pubby) ( - into the NES Homebrews series (


@baldnate Done.

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Can Multiple LOTR Runs please be added to the The Lord of the Rings Series?


Thank you. Can Multiple LOTR Games be set as a Multi-Game Board as well please?

(edited: ) add the fangame tag. We recently found out that this game was not by the original creator of the series, and was not endorsed by him in any way. add the multi-game tag



Can you update these games :

- Boo Super Luigi U with ROM Hack game type and New Super Luigi U as base game
- More Super Mario Bras with ROM Hack game type and New Super Mario Bros. as base game

Thanks ^^


@ItsMaximum Done, also added the webgame tag to the multi-game.

@R0main Done.

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Can I get the Fangame tag?



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So Nitrome must Die just got accepted and it is listed as a mobile gametype although its a webgame could that be changed please


I switched the gametype to Webgame instead of Mobile. @Cytruss


Can the aforementioned nitrome must die be added to the nitrome series please (I'm not a mod of the game but I'm a mod of the series and I've been asked for this to be done by cytruss on discord)

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Yup, went ahead and applied that just now @conormcmahon

  mobiusmobius Can 'mobile' be un-checked for this game? It's preventing it from appearing on series page once we unchecked 'Show unofficial games' - since it's an official game, and zero runs are actually done on the mobile device, we'd prefer functionality over having the mobile tag.

  conormcmahonconormcmahon can this also be added to the nitrome series