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All done.

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Both done.


Hello, I would like to make a small request

Can this game: be added to the series:
And if they could also be put in order, GoP 1 and then then GoP 2

Thank you in advance!


could i get set to a ROM Hack?

  OmegaFallon should be a part of the Adventure Time series.


Also, should be in the AT series too.

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@YoniArousement Since you moderate the majority of the games held within that series (and are requesting it), I'll add you to moderate the series. (Added all those games to the series) Though I'm confused why both versions of KoTM 2 have Genesis tagged as a platform. Was an attempt made to reach out to the moderators of KoTM 2 to solidify the Genesis version as its own game?

@GReeNisG It was already in the series just the 'show unofficial games' box wasn't ticked in the series so the first game wouldn't show. Mobile games/Webgames/Flash games are 'Unofficial' games when it comes to series.

@TwitchMasta123 Done.

@OmegaFallon Both done.


Can you add 007 Racing to the James Bond series?

007 Racing leaderboard:
James Bond series page:



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I was wondering if the Namco Museum PS1 collections are the same as arcade or seperate. I would also like to put all volumes on there as there are some extra features such as continue that weren't on the arcade versions, like 3 different versions of Tower of Druaga and I don't believe you could continue after dying in the arcade version. Better yet It would be interesting if you could speedrun by playing all games in one volume at set points. The game over continue screen would be the optional credits.


Wrong place to ask this type of question.

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Can you add the Category Extension Game Type for this leaderboard? Thanks in advance! 🙂


Please can you also add the Multi-Game Game Type for this leaderboard? Thanks in advance! ?


@KevinDurden If you're already Super Moderator of the series, you can create new games which are part of that series by yourself.

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@KevinDurden If you want it to be added as another game please use the request form. However, a run of this particular version will be required.

This thread is only for the purpose of adding series for existing games on the site, not for adding series to add more games into a series without runs/onto the site and bypass the request form. That, and it doesn't entirely make sense to make a series for Popful Mail, considering it's version based separations and not actually a game series.


I mean that it's fine to have the SNES version as a separate game, but it's not really necessary to have a series page to contain all the versions of one game. The SNES version being requested as a separate game listing through the request form is fine, but there would need to be a run provided alongside the request.

should be "server/map" and not "modification"

thanks in advance