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could you add hill climb racing 1 and 2 as mobile please, thank you


Question out of curiousity, I don't know if this is relatable, but what does "This doesn't appear notable" mean?


@Jaypin88 If this is about a game request then this isn't the right place to discuss this, but that generally means that the game is either short or trivial, and therefore isn't considered a good fit for the site.

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I figured, but thanks anyways for the repsonse!


^ Still unsure why that game even exists.

It's high score and a mode that's the antithesis of a speedrun. Not sure how that even got onto the site. There's a speedrunnable category, but it's in misc.... there's far more than needs to be done with that game than adding it to a series, in my opinion.

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So... are you gonna add it to the series or not? Also, I have just been added as a moderator so don't ask me.


I will add it, thank you for changing the order of the board.


I would like to integrate these 2 games ( Astérix (SNES) " " and Asterix & Obelix Take On Caesar " " into this series ( )
How I can make?
Thank you ^^