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I would like to request that Scooby-Doo (GBA) be added to the Scooby-Doo! series.


On a related note, is it possible for a series mod to add games to their series with the new layout? I wasn't able to find a way to do that yet.

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The game page search bars site staff uses for attaching a game to a series or a mod to a base game are broken today for some reason. They were working for me as recently as yesterday I think. I made a note to handle both the other requests as soon as that is working again.

For adding games in series, there should be a button in the top left of the page right above "results per page", it's a little less obvious than it used to be. If it's not there for you let me know.


i hope this is the right thread to request it. Is it possible to remove Super Wario and The World of Wirio ( from the Super Mario 64 Rom Hack Series ( ) since it isn´t a Super Mario 64 Rom Hack. Thanks


marvjungs: Removed, this is the right thread.

Neutrino: My mechanism to add games to series is broken right now. I'll add these to my ongoing list along with any game from the game requested form accepted in the last few days.


DonkeyKongGenius: Category Requests should go through the individual game's moderators/forum. Main site staff doesn't handle that.

(From previous posts, I have a way to add games to series now, but can't add base games for rom hacks right now due to a bug.)


Hello there 🙂

I got some questions regarding having games added to a series.

We had to create a seperate leaderboards for the Gameboy Color version of Rainbow Islands. Due to inactive super mod of the series, and him not knowing anything about the game.
Is it possible to have the game added to the series, but not automatically put the inactive supermod in charge? We would like to keep it as is, but simply have it listed under the "Bubble Bobble Series"

- LoveBot

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@LoveBot in the settings you should have an option "Series moderators have power here" and you can uncheck it.

once added no series mod would have power


And how to i add my game to the series then? When i go to edit game, the whole "Series" section is completely missing a button. I cant do anything from there?


@LoveBot wait until he add and uncheck that option after lol.


@Deln Aw okay, guess thats not an option then. Thank you for the reply.


Can you add Portal Elevators ( ) as a Portal 1 mod and as part of the Portal serie, please ?


LoveBot: This could almost be construed as a convoluted way of attempting to bypass series moderation. If there are moderation concerns they should probably not be addressed by splitting games to bypass moderators. With that in mind, I'll make the change because it makes relative sense as requested.

Deln: The "Series moderators have power here" option has been intentionally removed since the multi-series changes some months ago. I think there are further details in the post pertaining to that update. People are either associated with the game or they aren't.

RottDawg: Ok, and ok mod was really inactive.

PackSciences: Can't add reference to Portal 1 right now due to a site bug, did the rest.


@kirkq will series mods be super mod by default once a new game is made or is that always going to stay off?


The user who adds it is assigned super mod right now. Whether upon being created it should inherit all series mods or just the one who adds it, I don't have much of an opinion on. That could change at some point. Changes upon attaching existing games to series will probably stay as manual additions for the time being. I've been doing manual series moderator additions for some of the tightly associated series.

Maybe there are better ways to make it less ambiguous.

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I was wondering if Cabelas Big Game Hunter 2012 and Cabelas Dangerous Hunts 2 could be in a series called "Cabela's"

Thank you in advance

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Myself and Stache would like for a New Super Mario Bros. series to be added
New Super Mario Bros.
New Super Mario Bros. Wii
New Super Mario Bros. 2
New Super Mario Bros. U
New Super Luigi U
We both have extensive knowledge of all the games (with the slight exception of NSMB2, but we can get on that) and are also very active on this site and have a good understanding of how it works.
We would likely add another moderator with a little more experience with the handheld entries. We have also asked people in the series discord server about their thoughts on the idea of a srcom series, and the responses have been 100% positive.
I am asking now that there has been a change in the way that series mods work, because we don't want to just grab mod status on games we don't run. We just want to run a series.


make sense

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I didn't actually ask for you to respond Deln so don't blame me if you can't interpret the message correctly

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-They are in the Super Mario Series. The community is completely separate from the other mario games
-The post literally states that we are not doing it to get mod status, because series mods don't automatically get mod on all the games in the series anymore
-I know you think that because you've been on this site for ages, have run many games and patrol the moderation requests thread with pointless and off putting responses, that you have attained a respectable position and have the right to tell other people what to do when you know nothing about the situation, but I can assure you, it just makes you look silly.
-I'm not going to respond or listen to any further replies from you, because it's none of your business what a separate community wants, does, or requests.


Quick note: There is literally no point on responding to requests that don't really concern you in any way. The admins probably won't take your opinion into account.