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  Mr_MaryMr_Mary Hey, mind adding this as a HL2 modification? thx in advance!


@Mr_Mary Request completed.


You set the base game to HL2: Downfall 😃

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@Mr_Mary My mistake, updated.

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Hello, I would like to know if Total War: Warhammer returned or not in the series of Total War or it is a series that does not come into question. It has the name Total War but is not a historical game ...


Hi, I would like this game --> to be added to this series --> as well as changing the game type to "modification" of "Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy" . Thank you 🙂

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Hi, it has come to my attention that this website does not have the game "F*ck Mr. Hatcher", which has received some runs. Please add this game if possible.


why am i not a ''full mod' for the game i requested [The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit], could i request this, why am i not a full mod of the game I requested?!?


@Liv Read my latest forum on Sonic.exe - The spirit of HELL. what i said there.


Can a mod add this game to "Category Extensions"?

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Could we get Animal Crossing: Puzzle League ( ) marked as a Minigame/Gamemode for Animal Crossing: New Leaf ( )? And could it be added to the Puzzle League series ( ) as well, in addition to keeping it in the AC series (But using AC as the main series so it keeps the theme)?

Also, could we have the Mobile tag removed from Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp ( )? I didn't realize that it counts the game as unofficial when it has that.


could you add hill climb racing 1 and 2 as mobile please, thank you


@bogi2323 Done.

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Question out of curiousity, I don't know if this is relatable, but what does "This doesn't appear notable" mean?