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Hey, I just became the moderator of the Madagascar series and im trying to add this existing game to the series


Like to request these 4 games be added as World Heroes Series please.


@NerdyNester You'll need to request the series.

Edit: Done.


I'd like to request the series "Wave Race" with the games,, and Thank you.


Can a “Flappy Golf” series be added for the existing games Flappy Golf ( and Flappy Golf 2 (


If I've created a page for a game that isn't in a series and should be, is this the place to request it to go into that series?

If so, can be added to the ROBLOX series?


Could the games shadow fight 2 and shadow fight 3 be added as mobile games


@SaiyanGaming420 You can make two sets of subcategories (like this). So, for example, on the Championship Mode page, you could have one subcategory that has WWF, Intercontinental, European, Tag Team, Hardcore, & Women's, while the other subcategory has Normal & Hardcore. Same thing goes for King of the Ring.

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