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Emericus: Added. Request super mod from the mods. Series mods don't inherit any more.

xSweep: All of the things said are true. We don't want empty boards, but if you do a run you can submit through the game request form.

TheStachemallow: Two games for a Fan Games series is pretty low right now. If another game or two got added I'd probably be willing to add it.


Please add the following to a "Mickey Mouse Illusion" Series

Castle of Illusion HD
Castle of Illusion (Genesis)
Castle of Illusion (SMS)
World of Illusion
Land of Illusion
Legend of Illusion

Please add the following to a "Magical Quest" Series

The Magical Quest starring Mickey Mouse
The Great Circus Mystery starring Mickey and Minnie
Magical Quest 3 starring Mickey and Donald


Looks good to me. And Quackshot definitely belongs to the Mickey Mouse Illusion series.

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Twisted Insurrection and Mental Omega are Modifications instead of ROM Hacks.


As far as I am aware, though I can certainly be wrong, Mods and Hacks are bundled under the same distinction currently.

But if we're talking technicalities here Mods and Hacks are the same thing, but mods make changes "legally" so to speak through tools given by the developers whilst hacks are changes forcefully made, created through tools made by the communities around them instead of the developers.

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I moved all the mentioned stuff, let me know if I messed something up. My opinion was that the phrase "rom hacks" really only apply to things like N64 era and previous, as those games were stored on physical chips instead of CDs, if people largely disagree with that we can come up with some other definition.

We batched together everything as a rom hack when switching to the new system, a lot of games need updated to mods. If someone wants to make a list (pastebin or something) I can click through all of it. I haven't really been marking fangames either, as I don't want to leave it in a confusing "half switched" state. Webgames is another can of worms. The filters at the bottom are useful:


Hey I forgot to put in my game request for Star Wars: Empire at War & Forces of Corruption for it to be added as part of the Star Wars series.
Thanks! 🙂


Could I get the two Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic games added to the Star Wars series as well? Thanks.


Moved these items. Thanks.

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There's an awful lot of Star Revenge games:
• [Star Revenge 0.5 - Unused Levels](/Star_Revenge_0.5_-_Unused_Levels)
SM64 Star Revenge 1.1
Star Revenge Redone v 2.0
Star Revenge 2: Night of Doom
Star Revenge 2: To The Moon
Star Revenge 2.5 Remnant of Doom
Star Revenge 3: Mario on An Saoire 64
Star Revenge 4: The Kedama Takeover 64
• [Star Revenge 6: Luigi's Adventure](/Star_Revenge_6_Luigis_Adventure)
• [Star Revenge 6.5 - Wrath of the Dim. Flower](/Star_Revenge_6.5_-_Wrath_of_the_Dim._Flower)
Star Revenge 6.9: Luigi Lost in Time
Star Revenge 7: Park of Time
• [Star Revenge 7.5: Kedowser's Return](/Star_Revenge_7.5_Kedowsers_Return)
Star Revenge 8: Scepter of Hope

Spaceman64, SigotuSM64, TsucnenT, and InfiniteVoid316 run the most of those. marvjungs has a lot of runs in total.


Probably would be better to just make a SM64 Rom Hacks series at this point. Would need a bit of time set aside to move all of those.

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Renegade X is a fan game derivative of Command & Conquer: Renegade. It's not a modification as it's built from the ground up.


Looking for the creation of a "Taiko no Tatsujin" series with the following three games:


Done and Done

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I would want concurrence from some of the others moderating games in the series. I have no inherent preference, but I don't want to change things unless most people seem to agree, as it's kind of a weird case.


Can you put Shadow Dancer in the Shinobi serie ?

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Misc. Zero Hour Mods is a modification of [Command & Conquer: Generals - Zero Hour](/cncgzh).