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I had that happen on Crossy Road, someone submitted a Pinterest link that went to a YouTube video. I have no idea why they thought that would be a good idea.

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someone once submitted a video of the Chuck E. Cheese rat fighting a moose for a game i mod. weirdest submission ive ever rejected.

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Someone just submitted a 1:00:00.000 run to one of the games I moderate, and his video link was

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Originally posted by Pear@fodell You don’t mod any games.

That's because that post is an exact replica of a post @shinuushinuu made on this very thread a while back (you can find it on the first page).

...and by exact replica I mean word-for-word.

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Alright. I've heard of people submitting runs they uploaded to Google Drive but this is the first time I've seen it happen. But the guy FORGOT TO MAKE IT PUBLIC SO IT'S FUCKING LOCKED AND WE CAN'T WATCH IT! Also his run is shit because it's 50+ minutes in a 10 minute category.

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@MrMonshMrMonsh. Ok. I already reported him as a bot.

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@Lieutenant_BooLieutenant_Boo I get those private runs all the time.

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someone once submitted a 10 minute run to a 10 second long category.


Not my story, but the story of one of my co-mods for Minecraft Bedrock.

In MCBE timing starts on first movement. Someone decided not to read the rules and started looking around before their run. As a result their run was twice as long. @BartekIsBadBartekIsBad then put a comment in the description pointing out the time loss and verified the run.

The runner submit the same run another 3 times with what he felt was the correct time. He even changed the video name to “BartekIsBad please don’t double my time” and had a lost minecrafter moment in these forums.

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just now noticed that someone copied my post lol, what a madlad @fodell

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When I was a full mod, someone sent an email to Pac and requested to reset my email of my sr.c account.
They were super creative with the name 'Seyna Diensey' but this isn't even close to my real name. This is not me lol.


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Wow, that could have gone very bad very quickly if he had actually done that.

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professional scam scene 😎 (also all recent forum posts!)

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There was this one guy in Bad Piggies that submitted an 89 hour run to Rise and Swine 100%. The run was a Bad Piggies Walkthrough sped up like 500% and It was of the Ground Hog Day episode and not Rise And Swine. This is the peak of speedrunning. OG vid is linked below. Funniest shit I've seen yet moderating games.

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I had a guy who was on his second account submitting obviously segmented runs to NES leaderboards. It was his second time and he waited like 2 years or something to make a new account and submit again.

This time he fucked up in hilarious fashion and left a completely black frame between clips where, if you were going to cheat, you would definitely splice right where he did it. I thought it was odd he would cheat that way on emulator, instead of just making a TAS run, but w/e it was solid proof of him cheating. Of course I knew beforehand that he was a cheater cause he was caught before, but I still took the time to analyze his entire run. I did so live as well, and made a video out of it. I wasn't worried about hurting his feelings because he was a prejudice douche towards non-american moderators lmao.

Of course when I did that video he took the time to dox me, threaten me, pretended to be somebody else (some prison inmate name he pulled from a database). Blew up my Twitch DMs with the equivalent of the navy seal copypasta. It was all wild and hilarious stuff. I didn't take it seriously at all, but it was still crazy to get doxxed over making a video about a cheater.

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I think I remember seeing that video actually. I watched it to get an idea of how to look for fake runs when I was first looking at becoming a mod. It was good. Thank you.

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Neat. I thought it was shit, and embarrassing, but I think that of anything from my drinking days. Glad you got something out of it though.