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@AmoebaUKAmoebaUK I assume they’re banned since the site rules specifically state

“Intentionally submitting falsified runs is prohibited. This includes attempts to "test" moderators, which will likely get you banned.”

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yeah that was the joke 🙂


There was this guy named Nigerian_uncle (who has since deleted his account) who submitted five Rick rolls in one to day to escape the dentist obby and said the n word in one of his descriptions

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Bumping bc I don't want this thread to be covered by other threads.

Someone just tried to submit a Geometry Dash run but they just blatantly put the video from third place in the video link. Didn't even try to hide it at all. Absolutely shameless.

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@WalgreyWalgrey did they at least re-upload the video or did they actually use the same link? Just trying to determine the level of recklessness in place.

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@MrMonshMrMonsh Same link but it was through ...Bing search? lol

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Now that is just bing mean Kappa

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What the flip is this layout

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Originally posted by Oreo321What the flip is this layout

I don't know but it's a riot and I love it


A lot of effort went into it, I'm sure

I just


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I honestly don't even know what to say to that.

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The Absolute Madlad

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First off, thanks for making this thread, I was dying reading half of these (personal favorite is the guy who submitted the Wall-E movie)
I don't recall what game this was for, but I had a really weird one.

One one leaderboard I either currently moderate or moderated in the past, picture submissions were allowed along with videos. So someone submitted a link to a imgur of a youtube url. After going to the url, it was a processing video which had a link to another picture in the description to a google drive link. Once you went to the google drive link, it said you needed permission to view the content.

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As far as I remember, there was a guy that submitted his instagram account instead of a video for Clicker Heroes
Edit: I also remembered something else. There was a guy who submitted a run and I rejected it saying that it's cheated and then the description of the next run was just saying that he literally cheated the run I rejected

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User joins Minecraft Bedrock discord server

Our bot automatically pings him telling him he can use any controller he wants on mobile (yes our bot does this)

He proceeds to ask us an hour later if he is allowed to use controller on mobile

I love this community

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