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I think this feature came out some months ago, but personally didn't see any games with a sub-game.
What do they mean, and on which cases you should add a sub-game instead of requesting a new one?


Perhaps like a DLC of a game that includes a whole new storyline and is seperate from the main story?


Ape escape 2 and Ape escape 3 have sun games and might be examples to look at.

Both games have mini games in them that you can unlock, and have separate leader boards

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Thanks for the answers.
Another question, is a sub-game need to be requested (like normal games), or it can be added by the game moderators?


If you don't have a series to your game, via the normal ways.
Do state in the request that it's a sub-game of game X, so that the person accepting game requests knows what to do.

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"Sub games" are where things like romhacks, fangames, etc are contained within, when tagged with the appropriate game.

So, if a romhack for say... Ocarina of Time is properly labelled as such it would appear in sub-games for OOT.

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