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While I would be very happy for to migrate their leaderboards over here, in the meantime I think should probably be taken down. I don't really understand why the request would be approved in the first place, given how well-established the external leaderboards are and the fact that as far as I can tell dragoncraftt34 has nothing to do with them.


Why exactly is it that only 1 leaderboard should be allowed to exist? It's not like 1 leaderboard is hurting the other one. Just a question from me, out of curiosity.


An inaccurate leaderboard with more exposure hurts the community-centric one by being the first that new runners (and non-runners!) see, and assume is accurate.

In this case, it makes it look like Super Metroid is a game no one cares about running.


Just have the page redirect to Deertier.


^ This really is what should be done.

At the end of the day, is meant to be a collaboration of communities. If a community doesn't want to use the site, then they don't have to, and they should be free to have their own leaderboards without fear of interference from other sites, including this one.


I have deleted the page for now; We'll have to discuss what the best way is to handle it.