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• Resources
• Individual Levels leaderboards
Extra variables for some leaderboards
• Search bar
• Private messages
• User comments on runs
Comment upvoting
• Settings
• Polish up the site's HTML
• Themes

Let me know if I've forgotten anything / there's something you'd like prioritised.

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What are you actually planning for the homepage? Like, a list of streams or a list of recent PBs/Records?


I think a list of recent Records or really good PBs + various intresting/funny etc highlights could be really nice


I was planning on putting News, Latest runs, a link to the site's Twitter and Facebook pages... the usual stuff.

But yeah, what Eid said is definitely possible.

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maybe I don't know how to use it but a button to click on the recent thread/post would be nice, and maybe implementing K-appa radio for people to listen Keepo


Lanayru, more Back links are actually planned as part of the HTML cleanup.

I haven't heard of Kɑppɑ Radio, what is it?

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One thing that maybe should be added imo is the icons for twitch, twitter and youtube under the profile picture in the forums. Maybe just an idiotic thing, but I would see it as a nice thing to have quick access to it from forums and not just from profile.

And good job with this, looks really nice 😃


K-appa radio is what Josh called his sub radio 😛 , I know some sites offer a radio stream and they get positive feedback, not sure how it would work here though 😛


maybe add a list somewhere about the icons (in front of the name, like pac orange lobster and joshimuz spraycan) and who has which icon

Edit: and Lightnat0r's red badger KappaHD


such orange lobster much wow very logic ConcernDoge


Pac, can it be made that when you middle click links on the site it opens in a new tab please?


It does already Bollard, but it often also open the same link in the page you wanted to "save" 😕


yeah what filler says. highly annoying.


Oh, for me Filler it always opens the link in the tab I'm already on. CTRL+click works, but I haven't done that in ages >.>


Web browser issue? Using chrome and get the results I said before. But yea if there is a fix for it do it LilZ


¤ Resolve ambiguous URLs: What is The user mario or the game mario? Why is not the game "pac", but the user pac? => Introduce small prefixes, like,, ...
¤ The top menu links to "/user/SgtKabukiman", but within my profile, the links point to "/SgtKabukiman". This surely ties together with the previous point.
¤ Fix the HTML (it's not just making it pretty, it's FIXING hundreds of errors and usages of deprecated elements)
¤ Introduce sessions and proper password hashing (bcrypt/scrypt) (PHP 5.3+)
¤ Consider using a CDN to at least fetch jQuery, it not all assets.
¤ Do not strip tags for security, but rather use proper output escaping (this is subjective).
¤ (i could go on, but most of the stuff I would suggest is not features, but boilerplate stuff ;))


¤ Fix empty topics when the only posting withit in has been deleted (see my test topic in this category or every other topic with -1 posts).
¤ (maybe) do not allow editing posts in the forum forever. Maybe it's a good idea to prohibit editing after ~1 week or 24 hours or so.


¤ As sgt said, deleted topics should be deleted and not show -1.

¤ Quoting option from a previous post.

¤ Help tab or some sort of help option on how to use tags and other things like the


Maybe it's just me, but I'd like it if the front page of this site was linked to the streams/forums instead of the welcome message. I don't think there's anything wrong with the welcome message, but I think it could be shown as a footer text on each page of the website or something like that.


I know you probably got a fuck ton to do if you still alive but there is maybe a tiny issue, people made threads and deleted their posts but the thread still exists so those threads shouldn't exist if no post exists.