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Luckily they're not too difficult to block.


yeah just get the custom css from that one thread and it will hide the ad divs


Or even better, get Brave and don't do any of the custom css work. 😎


The ads still show when using Brave if you don't do any of the extra work

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Damn I can't escape the Brave shills. I'm not Brave enough to make this decision.

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Originally posted by TRLittleToaster The ads still show when using Brave if you don't do any of the extra work


I use Firefox with Ublock Origin & NoScript, and I've never experienced any of the ad changes/breakthroughs that people have complained about. Including the change in the margins people were upset about back in April.

My understanding is you could get the same/better outcome using UMatrix, but you need to actually know what you're doing to use it. So I don't.

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I don't care/use SRC enough anymore so it really doesn't matter. I just thought it was funne is all, and more of a reason to keep track of your own runs 🙂

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Yeah, hell if I know what it is, but there's a certain video/ animated image format that gets occasionally used that just crashes my browser- if not my whole desktop's rendering somehow.

My uBlock usually gets past the ads, but Severed Steel sneaks through now and again.

  [user deleted]

Severed Steel creating nothing but problems, go figure.


Can someone please explain what are you talking about?
Severed Steel isn't a "promoted game" in the games list anymore, and I don't see any Severed Steel -related stuff when opening the site in a browser without adblock.


I think he meant that Severed Steel was pretty much like an ad while it was a promoted game but I don't know if there's any Severed Steel ads as well since I use Brave.


The ad in the OP leads to Severed Steel.


I just realized the top of the Games list is an ad. It's all so tiresome.


Umm? Severed Steel ain't there anymore.


I actually still see Severed Steel elements popping up from time to time, only happens on certain pages though


I have Severed Steel ads on screen while writing this

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wait is servered steel now marked as an add and removed by addblocker?