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Still on that? ok, it's the last time, after that i'll have to speedrun some games, so here we go:

"Saying that most of the runners left the community is a gross exaggeration"

I didn't said "most of the runners" in the overall term, i was referring to those upon the circumstances of the new ruleset that decided to leave because of it.

"the ones that left the community were little in number & comprised of mostly runners we had our eyes on for cheating."

But never proved they were in fact cheaters.

"However we saw more runners remain & adapt than we saw leave."

Really? because the entire series seems pretty dead to me.

"Before you ask. No I don't have to provide evidence of that."

Yeah, you don't have to, because after all you are the supreme moderator that everyone has to agree and believe on what you say.

"Provide proof to you of my run times? Well here's the thing Kromer. You're not a moderator of the game in question & i'll point out, not even a runner of it. Why i should have to provide some sort of evidence of my top times to you yourself to essentially put your mind at ease?"

You are not proving your legitimacy just to me, but to everyone in here and inside the MK community, also "i'm not a runner of it"? did you realised that most part of the people in this thread never ran a MK game and still want to share they thoughts and opinions? should they be silenced just because they are not part of the community? and as i stated, all of this is NOT just about classic MKs.

"They know that my runs are legitimate."

Yeah, they (mod team) know, everybody else here don't, if this is not a Todd Rogers syndrome then i don't know what it is.

"The records that remained on the leader boards were never in question. If that helps you understand why some remained."

They didn't met the new rules, like i said, the rules are the rules, deal with it, they don't met it, they should not be in there, period.

"Do you know how many runs were being submitted daily? Do you know how many runs we combed through? no you don't."

No and i don't need to, it doesn't matter if was only 1 submitted run or 1000 runs, applying new rules and then rejecting is a good thing, but the fact that you accused runners (and great players) of being cheaters with no real proof is the real question, which you didn't gave an answer.

"You're not here to complain, you can offer a plethora of suggestions?"

I was, in fact i don't even care anymore because all of this got too much heated and toxic at this point and i'm not the spoiled brat i used to be years ago to throw out insults and stuff, now i'm a good runner that also has to provide good moderation for multiple communities. I know this will not lead to a reasonable agreement, but just for the record, i'm sure that having you out of your role would be the best thing for everyone.

"No thanks Kromer you see we already sorted it out & got a solution."

If "solution" for you is the one that fits your personal agenda then i'm pretty sure you got one.

"I however adjust & evolve with the speed run board as it becomes both popular & more competitive"

No it didn't, it's not more competitive, the last run approved for classic MK was 1 month ago, and i don't need to be a "MODERATOR" to see that.

"Now i ask that it ends here & you concentrate on the games that you actually run"

What? more MK games than you did? you are clearly calling me a "non community member" at this point and excluding me just because i don't agree with you.

And you can call all of this "hate campaign" or "personal attacks", i call it reality checks, and still you didn't managed to answer any of those 6 evidences i've numbered, bravo!
Even though i don't agree that much with your decisions, i still respect you as a person and i think we should stop here, this is not leading to any constructive debate, but just a childish fight, so just leave everything the way it is, case solved, i hope you stay good and provide the best for this community, i'm not answering anymore.

Peace! 😃


So like I didn't read half this shit but is the tl;dr that the Mortal Kombat mods put better proof standards to make the leaderboard more reputable?


if you create a new rule it should be applied to ALL people running on the leaderboard in general regardless of whether or not it is a moderator, but it is a fact that after the event many people no longer want to send races to the site due to this behavior of withdrawing merits from people who devote hours and hours and are bringing negative consequences to the board unfortunately