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How does one get removed as a Moderator? I'd like to be unmodded for Color a Dinosaur. Thank you.


Click "Edit Game", go to "Moderators", click the three dots by your name and select "remove moderator".

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@TheCheeseball81TheCheeseball81 also, PLEASE add another moderator when unmodding yourself, RantronBomb has not been on the site for years and I doubt they will come back.

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I am unable to add a new Moderator but I asked and thenesmaster said he would be okay with becoming a Moderator for this game. He is much more active on the boards.

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Since no one was added, I requested mod.

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idk which game it is, but rantronbomb (who is apparently a mod for said game) moderates 78 games and hasnt been online in a year.