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Today, we're launching an updated user settings page. Our development team has worked hard in this area to increase user security and rebuild the site infrastructure in this area to set a foundation for exciting things to come! Before we dig in, I’d like to give a personal big thanks to the closed beta testers who helped us polish this release:


You were all a massive help in creating a smooth launch of this update, and we look forward to more beta tests for future updates!

On top of rebuilding the settings page from the ground up to create a better foundation for future projects, it now has a few security improvements, some clarification around the purpose of many settings, better organization to find important settings, and a fresh coat of paint to boot!

I won’t dive into the nitty gritty details of everything that was changed around, tweaked, or added because it's a lot of small things — but I encourage you to check it out and see everything new for yourself!

If you’d like to discuss the new settings page, please use this thread! We'll monitor it for the next couple of days before locking the thread and asking everyone to take their user settings related bug reports and feedback over to the Support Hub! [This thread has now been locked!]

Other Bug Fixes and Improvements

- .lss and .lsl upload fix
- Added a prompt when submitting a run to aid in reducing the amount of inaccurate times submitted
- Fixed Twitch embed in run notes
- Added Emulator status and ban status flag to the Mod Hub RaV page
- Fixed a caching issue that was causing game themes to not update properly
- Fixed issue where moderator widget would not update to show new additions and name changes
- Fixed a bug where saving variables would sometimes shift the location of UI elements on a leaderboard

Let us know down below what your thoughts are!

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Duolingo links are still broken, but I like the new look. On variables, I still cannot edit them if the rules section is too long for mobile. It pushes them to the side and I cannot select them.

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I have the mod status of 3 Unknown games that apparently the site doesn't recognize. I don't know if it's a bug, since I don't remember being mod for any other game aside of the ones that the site correctly shows.

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Yeah so initially we didn't understand why this bug was happening, but since the release of the update we've nailed it down to being deleted games still showing up in the list. Does that make sense in your case @JuegArielJuegAriel?

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Interesting update, I like the new main settings page, looking better now

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Glad you're liking it!

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For the notifications menu, could you remove “User likes your post” because we don’t get a notification for that anymore, and it would confuse people if they wanted to have that.

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Does clicking 'remove' on a game in 'games moderated' remove your moderator status from that game, or does it remove the game from the 'games moderated' section on your profile (so to hide the reviewal information and such)?

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There should be a way to make it so you can change all your "games followed" notifications settings at once. I thought that's what the apply to all games button was, but that applied default values and not current values to all my followed games, and now I'm having to go through my whole games followed list and manually change everything.

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@LivLiv it removes your moderation status, we could probably make that a bit more clear 😛


The new update is amazing! Good job to everyone who worked hard on developing it! 

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woo good update

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The new menu is much cleaner and more organized, it's easier to understand what each navigation takes you to.

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Digging the update!

Love this new animated icon thing!!!

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It was a good thing there where beta testers this time.

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Agreed, they were very helpful!

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I was about to say:


Thx for fixing the username gradients. It's an actual gradient now instead of 2 styled span elements per letter (which can be thousands of unnecessary elements).
My nitpick for the next update: Better compression for usericons, especially animated ones. Currently they can be multiple MB in size like the one @OdogsterOdogster has, which is 2.6MB (often more than the entire rest of the page it is displayed on).

But then i noticed you only fixed the usernames for the preview in the profile settings page. Is it planned to also bring that to other pages?
Of the more than 38000 html elements on the minecraft java page, currently over 10000 are just for displaying colored usernames.

Edit: no idea what is causing those line-breaks around the mention in the quote
Edit 2: something seems very weird right now, every edit switches the lines in this post around.

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@shenefshenef Using the @ mentions inside quotes always does that for some reason.


This quote originally had no line breaks: @shenefshenef

It's fair to say it's a bug that's been around for a while and it's got nothing to do with the current update at least. I usually just remove the @ and just leave the username whenever quoting someone to avoid this issue.

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This was a really solid update; I really like the new page. I'm curious though, why was this specifically chosen to be the focus of this update? Most people didn't use the settings page very often, and the old one worked just fine (albeit not as nice as this one). I'm glad our feedback was taken to account by incorporating Beta testers though, this update was much more smooth.

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@GarshGarsh Probably to keep the site theme consistent.

Good update. I definitely didn't almost click remove on one of the moderated games, no sir, that would be silly. Kappa

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