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You don't have to donate that's the thing about donating, you're not paying FOR that stuff (maybe some people are because they want it) it's just perks for donating, I personally don't care whether those things are free or not, it's not like this is facebook or something

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If you want to donate, then you can donate. But it is an incentive. If you donate at least this amount, then you get this.


eh, the extra social media you get from what I remember before I donated wasn't too big of a deal and honestly some of the social media that you can link on this site is pretty random if anything, I understand what you mean though if those extras are something you'd want to be able to link by default if that's what you use mostly


5 dollars for extra features, one time. It also supports the website. Its 100% optional, and the community doesn't frown on you for not doing it.

What exactly is there to feel wrong about? It's like on disc DLC, except we don't even have to pay for the disc, and all the bonus is cosmetic.

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I for one would pay more than $5 per year to use the site without any additional perks, they are just a nice extra. The site owners could I think have been forgiven for monetising the site loads when it took off, but here it is, still free. Bravo to them.