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Mod Hub search bar? Can look for runs verified/rejected by a mod, runs from a particular user, etc

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Time to dig some old proposals out of the vault I guess. And yes, I submitted most of these previously to the support hub... for all the good it is doing....



What's wrong with the current Subcategory/ Category Layout

• In a nutshell, there is now an arbitrary limit on the number of category and subcategories you can have on a leaderboard until some or all categories/ subcategories are hidden behind dropdown menus. This comes off as very condescending from Elo, taking control of how to format leaderboards out of the game moderators' hands. More discussion here
* This obsoletes the "miscellaneous" category feature, because once all subcategories are hidden behind a dropdown, there is no distinguishing the subcategories the game mod designated as miscellaneous, and the subcategories Elo decided to hide. It's just so annoyingly bureaucratic! /rant
• People talked about how we need the ability to selectively apply subcategories and categories to some, but not all levels.
I'd also like to point out that currently you cannot apply subcategories to one specific subcategory, although you can apply subcategories to one specific top level category. More explanation here.

This brings me to my next point...

Terrible page layout utilization

So, why are leaderboards so crunched for space (apparently) that we need dropdown menus for everything now?
• Answer: Elo needs to make more money from ads. Need I say more? Look, I get Elo needs to make money, but surely there's a better way to position ads that doesn't involve wasting a ton of space on the left and right of the screen, which could be used for meaningful information like more room to list categories, etc.


Better IL support

Ok, I feel like the OP didn't really elaborate on what "better IL support" should entail, and I play a lot of IL speedruns, so I figure I will elaborate

IL table problems
To be clear, this is about the "view all levels" leaderboard table, for example:
• Problem 1: The IL table can only show up to 4? subcategories until you have to use a scroll bar. As can be seen by this monstrosity. Now, a scroll bar in and of itself isn't a huge deal, but the UI on the table with scroll is terrible. You literally can't see the top column labels once you scroll down the table a bit, and you similarly can't see the row labels once you scroll right, meaning I've had to add "placeholder runs" to the Hitman 3 Extensions leaderboards, which is kind of ridiculous compensation for bad site design.
* I've proposed a few solutions to this issue here. Namely, utilize space on each side of the table better (probably won't happen due to Elo loving ads), or add row/ column labels that will scroll with you.

• Problem 2: The IL table only shows the "default" category of IL runs. Ex: You can only see PC runs as default here:
You should be able to toggle between subcategories and be able to see all IL console runs on a leaderboard table for a quick summary, instead of having to go into each individual level to see the console record. That's just inane. More explanation here.
Being able to toggle between subcategories on the IL table would also help a lot for organizing leaderboards better to avoid the issue of having to have more than 4 columns of categories to begin with, thus avoiding the scroll bar issue above.

Miscellaneous IL problems
These aren't huge issues, but the sum total of these oversights really makes me feel like IL's are discriminated against here.
• Why does the "active players" stat in game statistics not count IL runs? Are they deemed lesser by Elo? Example
At the very least, please separate out an "active full game players" and "active IL players", similarly to how there are separate "recent IL runs" and "recent full game runs" stats.
• Why does the "recent runs" widget prioritize the category of the IL run over the level it was played on? I feel like if I had to only have one category or subcategory to go off of, I'd want to know which level a run was performed on, vs knowing if the run was any% (example) category. I literally cannot comprehend any info from the recent runs widget when it comes to IL runs.


Timing Problems

• We really should get ability to have separate timing methods for IL vs full game, this is long overdue
• There should be option to only have in-game timing/ loadless timing, without also having "real time" tacked on. Some games are just IGT only, why is real time forced onto it needlessly? Coming form someone who has to edit out false "real time" submissions for eternity for IGT games.
• Even when IGT is the default timing method, the real time is prioritized when you click on the run, as seen here. This is strange, especially because when using RTA loadless, the RTA loadless time is shown first over the RTA with loads on the run.
• Ability to mass edit runs would be so helpful as sometimes you decide later down the road you want to switch timing methods.


Other random complaints (might update when I remember more)

• Why did Elo remove the website and discord server labels? You can barely see those tiny little symbols now. Also, labeling the website gave much needed context to what the website was, so the player knows if the site is worth clicking or not.
• At some point will other games besides the sponsored one (Severed Steel) get the option to have multiple Discord servers linked on the page? Ex: Or is this a pay to have feature? Seems discriminatory when only this game has it. Many other games have multiple speedrun Discord servers for one reason or another and could use this.
* Note that you can't even tell which discord server is what on the Severed Steel page due to Elo removing labels on them... nice...

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The site still uses the old Discord logo

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@kohirukohiru This was suggested a couple of times, but the general response is that this filter is pretty much useless, because everyone can choose any country they wish, and so have an arbitrary "Country WR".

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Antartida Gang

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Bump, add the problems some users have had with questionable ads

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Bump, get rid of the dropdown for games with one leaderboard

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@GarshGarsh, these are great ideas! Thanks for collecting them :))

I'll say this here, too: "Things this entity needs to do" is not likely to make the people who are a part of that entity want to respond to you. See here:

tldr; demanding representatives at ELO to do things will not make them happy about considering your ideas. The clickbait title is not a respectful way to approach providing quality feedback. Be appreciative that ELO is making a considerable effort to keep the vibe of the community positive and is doing their best to ensure that our feedback is heard and implemented :))

Edit: True, this definitely isn't as bad as "Elo, we need action." Sorry if came off as harsh, garsh :))
I think I just don't like that we treat Elo as a large entity instead of a group of people who want to help us.

For all considering giving feedback in an extended thread, I would suggest dropping it here:
That's a good thread for bumping up ideas. Or maybe not. New suggestion:

Since those ideas seem to get lost in the pages, much like in the original feedback forum post, maybe we could consider creating monthly feedback threads to keep the ideas fresh, but not with titles that disrespectfully demand action. For instance, maybe the thread we could start next month: "Feature Requests and Feedback: December 2021"

This way, the "hottest" suggestions will get looked at and liked and bumped, hopefully without too much repetition as the months go by. And, if we find that it's not working, we can stop and try something else.

Garsh, it also might be cool to keep track of which ideas are most supported by users. The list format is very helpful and I really like the way you did it. We could have users do a vote by number in the list (for instance, a post saying "I like ideas 4, 5, 8, 12") and put the highest voted feedback suggestions higher in the category. Doing so will give reps at ELO a pretty quick look at what features are the most important to us by month.

- A way to directly report posts [8 votes]
- Increase forum moderation (by adding forum moderators, forum flagging, or some combination of the two) [7 votes]
- A preview function for forum posts (similar to the one for news posts) [3 votes]
- Allow normal moderators to delete individual posts on game forums (for some reason this is currently locked to only super moderators) [1 vote]
- A search function (so threads can be easily located) [1 vote]

With this method, we might consider deleting (by month) the pieces of feedback that received fewer votes (such as 5 or less votes) and keeping the ones that got the most votes on the list for the next month as "legacy" feature requests that can still be voted on.
And maybe we should consider upvote/downvote

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That idea is certainly interesting, although it seems a little complicated. This thread isn’t meant to demand anything, it’s just a list.

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  [user deleted]

Bump + blocking people should be expanded. (e.g. + stolen by Garsh) If you post on a thread belonging to a user that blocked you, your post for them will be through a dropout menu

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