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Over the last few days I've been combing through old (and new) forum posts and have compiled a list of things Elo absolutely needs to do/implement (I also threw in some of my own ideas).

General Site Management:
- Start being more transparent with the userbase about decision making on the backend (we should know how a lot of things are done behind the scenes)
- BETA testers (to prevent the catastrophe that was the last update from happening again)
- A more consistent (and hopefully loose) policy on adding new series
- Re addition of some volunteer site staff. My idea for this is a two tiered system with volunteer staff having less responsibilities (similar to the way content mods used to work) and are marked with a different badge than Elo staff. (this could also be an iteration of forum moderators)

- A way to directly report posts
- Increase forum moderation (by adding forum moderators, forum flagging, or some combination of the two)
- A preview function for forum posts (similar to the one for news posts)
- Allow normal moderators to delete individual posts on game forums (for some reason this is currently locked to only super moderators)
- A search function (so threads can be easily located)

User Profiles:
- Custom Flairs (A bit controversial)
- Custom name gradients
- Custom outlines or custom CSS (as seen on @PacPac )
- A built in user reporting system directly from the profile

- A way to add subcategories for multiple (but not all) categories
- Better IL Support (it's been YEARS)
- A way for verifiers to remove themselves (the comments update seemed to remove this function for some reason)
- Fix leaderboard format on mobile (the new update made it really bad)
- Overhaul of the audit log (right now it's really slow and basically useless)
- Re add the ability for super moderators to delete games under 2 weeks old (not sure if there was a legit reason that this was removed)
- Move the mods list back up to the top (PLEASE)
- Add a poll function on news posts (with moderator controls to only allow users with a verified run in the game to respond and lock the poll)

- Comment notifications or an indicator to show how many comments are on each run (we've all been asking for it)
- Reimplementation of the "Users" page
- Rework the way series can add games (possibly through "series types")
- Fix the bugs related to series and marathons being considered "games" (audit log formatting, edit game button, etc)
- Modhub search bar (to easily find runs by a specific user)
- Expand the blocked users function (to hide forum posts by blocked users with an expand option)
- Rework teams (I need to make a whole thread about my ideas for this)

There's plenty more ideas out there, this only scratches the surface.

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I’d like to add that mobile leaderboards are still terrible. The change made them much worse to use; they need to either be reverted to the old format or given another update.

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That’s something I was also thinking of but completely forgot to add, I added it to the list.

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One alternative/addition to comment notifications that I suggested through the support hub is they could add a little indicator showing how many comments each run has, like what the Mega Man Leaderboards have. I suggested this because I figure the notification system breaks down often enough that they might not want to subject it to the additional stress from comments.

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id remove custom flairs, other than that, good list!

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Ah yes.

The worst offender of them all. A custom flair. Very harmful to add.
Actually, perhaps a wysiwyg editor might be useful for some folks, or quick access to a cheat sheet for the BBCode syntax would be great.

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Originally posted by Garsh- Custom outlines (as seen on @PacPac )

Or we can go all out and have custom CSS. Before someone says "OMG HORRIBLE IDEA PEOPLE WILL TROLL!!!!!" just remember that nothing is stopping me from setting my current profile theme to Riley Reid getting gangbanged by 8 BBCs.

Originally posted by valhalla
id remove custom flairs, other than that, good list!

Look at these very harmful flairs

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Originally posted by Matse007The worst offender of them all. A custom flair. Very harmful to add.

I knew you couldn't read! I literally stated earlier that about why it was pointless and you still think custom flairs harm me!

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And I knew you would still not get it. But hey, thats fine and totally fair. Not everyone wants the forums to be improved, yet they are lacking a lot of features as @GarshGarsh wrote down here (and that you can find on other forum threads as well).

I also pointed out how they are not pointless. I guess ignorance is a bliss. I know I can't convince you, which is why I am now mocking you for your ignorance and arrogance towards people that want the forums to improve. You could also actually debate the points that have been made or leave it be.

Oh and another thing that I forgot to mention earlier for the forums: A search function is IMO very important to add @GarshGarsh so people can search for threads and questions to avoid double posts. Also perhaps having the forums show potential threads that might already contain the answer to a thread someone is about to create.

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OK, I guess I'll debate then.


I dont wanna turn this into a social network, I just want basic forum functionalities.

The forum is fine enough as it is, functionalities for me are stability improvements. Not decoration. New features everytime will start resulting in instability.

Why implement a QoL feature that quite a few people asked for?
I don't know, but did you ever think about why they did implement pronouns?
Same shit. Its selfexpression.

For me, it isn't self-expression. Pronouns are there so you don't have to assume a gender or bug them asking what they are, and there is a chance it will be ignored. especially if it was when everything in the site is broken.

Also this is such a minor, small addition, that already existed and it doesnt take any effort to reimplement this.

Then I do not see a point of adding it, it mostly is a waste of time to add some text.

I also pointed out how they are not pointless. I guess ignorance is a bliss. I know I can't convince you, which is why I am now mocking you for your ignorance and arrogance towards people that want the forums to improve.

I wasn't even trying to be mean about it earlier, I just said "I'd remove it" because there isn't a point to them for me.

There are also bigger things to deal with, for example: every thing mentioned in
• General Site Management
• Leaderboards

Multiple subcategories for not all is a major fix because then N/A isnt needed for anything anymore. It makes everything easier for moderators.
The site vertically is horrible. The layout makes everything all over the place and if you want to dm a certian mod, you will have to scroll down for ages, especially for larger leaderboards, e.g. Minecraft Java Edition. Which will bring me to:
Move moderators back to the top, this is a horrible idea to move them way to the bottom, this makes it harder to contact them for big leaderboards with mobile users.

I really dont want to make this any longer, so I will write the stuff I agree on:
• Everything on "General Site Management"
• Everything on "Leaderboards"
• Everything on "Forums"
• Fixing the series mod tools (Normally "Edit series" should bring you to /editseries but now redirects you to /editgame as demonstrated by @jackzfimljackzfiml.)

• And fixing the team bugs

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People wanting these flairs so they can write "I'm a cow not because I eat grass, but because I get milked by society" or some weird shit like that. Flairs are inherently cosmetic QoL and - even if they're on the list of future ELO updates - it is very likely at the very bottom.

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I was wondering what people thought of adding a poll option to news posts? I think it would be an easy way to ask a community’s opinion.

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Those points make sense. In a perfect world, simple features like that should not destabilize the website. I do agree a whole forum overhaul would be a massive undertaking but I think it is genuinely worth the effort. Considering the usage of the forums and the double posts we get, even a search engine would be great. I also do agree that Leaderboards are of the upmost importance as well as the general site management. But I would still love to have the forums getting improved somewhere down the road. It does not need to be immediately.

I think the biggest problem and misunderstanding is the priority of certain features. Custom flair was also just brought up from me as it is one of the simpler things to implement into the forums.

I wholeheartedly agree with the points you brought up above. The site is in such a messy state :x

Overall, I am sorry that I behaved the way I did towards you as I genuinely misunderstood you and your intentions. Thanks for clearing it up.

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No problem, sorry for the way I behaved too. 🙁

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Originally posted by bob-chickenI was wondering what people thought of adding a poll option to news posts? I think it would be an easy way to ask a community’s opinion.
This would be a good addition, especially with the option of limiting it to players with verified runs in the game.

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the master has come to display his superiority in knowledge over us lowly users

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No one can comprehend the power of O.D.W

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Several very good ideas here, I've added them to the list. Also, please don't turn this thread into a flair debate thread.

Edit: Yay! Page 2.

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