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I don't know if there's a dedicated thread for this, but I noticed that my stream ( ) isn't appearing on the Streams page - I checked it out about an hour into my stream and I didn't see it at all. I don't know if it's a UI thing where I can't see my own stream, or if it's one where my Twitch page isn't hooked in to the streams widget just right. Any chance an admin can look into this?


qoute from lighnat0rs post in
"There aren't any requirements, all you should have to do it have your twitch set (as you both have).

The only thing that should affect showing up otherwise is that having [nosrl] in the title will prevent the stream from showing up.

Keep in mind that due to caching it might take a few minutes after you've started streaming before you appear on the streams page.
Additionally, (as you might know) twitch likes to be... unreliable sometimes so it could happen that when the site asks twitch for a list of online users, it misses a few users (and thus they won't show up on the streams page).

If you think it couldn't be anything out of the above, let us know again and add your stream title, game etc to the post. In case you do something special with the stream settings on twitch that is not something most people do, add that too. Hopefully we'll be able to figure things out together."



I checked an hour into the stream and nothing. There was no [nosrl] in the title, and my Twitch is setup. There may be an issue where Twitch likes to randomly log me out for no reason because I have some privacy block software that filters out third-party cookies; that would be the most likely thing that I can think of that would cause it not to show up. If there are any domains here that I need to whitelist so my Twitch page appears, let me know and I can whitelist the appropriate trackers.