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I need help getting my run on the leader boards on resident evil 2 (2019) I'm on ps4 and I have got the stream on my channel showing my run fully and I submitted it and it got rejected because it was unavailable for the moderator to watch although when I search up my channel logged out its available to watch and I don't know if the link didn't work or whatever I made sure it copied correctly then I click paste on the video link section I need help to get my run to be submitted and reviewed so I can get on the leaderboard which I want to be I need someone to explain how to get the run to be reviwed correctly although the first ever time I submitted a run it seemed like it worked.because it got rejected because it didn't show the title screen but now my new runs aren't available like I dont know what's up with this it said I apparently removed the video even though it's still up on my channel

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Post about this in the game's forum.

Can't tell you anything else since you didn't link the run or have a link to your Twitch in your profile.


I think Cody puts his runs on Youtube.

Talking directly to the community is definitely the best way to resolve it (Discord server probably even better than game forum), but if you like, drop the link here and we'll see if we can open it.


The YT link in his profile doesn't work either.


Neither does mine 😛 But links to videos are a little simpler.

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how do i submit runs

I just joined today. here is the link to my speedrun file :///C:/Users/Ronny/Videos/Captures/HelloNeighborReborn%20%202021-01-05%2013-14-52.mp4

I use xbox game bar to record and a samsung tablet to record my time.
btw it says not a valid video link


That is the file on your computer. You need to upload the video to a file sharing site (preferably YouTube). This site does not host any video files directly.

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