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This feature was half-finished for months and I just decided to complete it this evening. There are now three types of colour themes available to you:

• New themes for browsing the site (see Settings), more of those will be added soon.
• You can create a theme for your profile. I hope you know what hex colour codes are. You can then select that theme in Settings.
• Moderators can create themes for any games they moderate. (A side note to the mods, you can now also upload a mini icon for any series that you moderate in Edit series.)

There are a lot of options when creating a theme, so I'm trusting you guys not to make anything hideously ugly, or else I'll have to start looking into simplifying it to selecting a single colour 😛

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dude, that's neat.


Awesome job!


this site is getting better and better Kreygasm


I already changed the look on the Harry Potter leaderboards Kreygasm

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lol shO aiNt...!!! !!!! LMAO!

mEssIiN wiT tHeMeS ordeRiN piZzA n gEt hiGh mY dAy oFf

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Is there any possibility to have a custom CSS layout for profiles or custom themes? Like having a window to put your CSS code to paste your custom style or is it too much?


Serhef, that feature did actually exist when I first launched it, but as SgtKabukiman pointed out, it does open up a security flaw, so I restricted it to admins.

Sorry 🙁

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Nah, it's okay, it's better be a secure site