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Currently if you enable in-game time for a game, you can only submit a run that has a value for both IGT and RTA. While in an ideal world this wouldn't be an issue, I would like to be able to add old unrecorded runs for which one of the numbers isn't available.

I also couldn't see an option to change the default sorting from RTA to IGT, which might be an idea for some games.



If you dont submit an IGT, it'll take the RTA time as the IGT time. This works if RTA is longer than IGT.

I'm not sure if you can submit a run specifying only IGT and not RTA.

Last time I checked (a good few months ago), it wasnt possible to submit a run where IGT was larger than RTA. I'm not sure if this has been fixed in the meantime.


There's a timing update coming soon, wherein that'll be fixed.

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Sorry for being pushy - I do believe you when you say you're working on an update! - but would it be possible to have default sort by IGT in the short term? There are some games (particularly metroid games, which are very oldfashioned about these things) that can't really be added without it.


That would be very nice to add the IGT sorting for games with IGT because it changes the ranking in leaderboards.