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Hey, I think it's cool that you can submit times and have the milliseconds but like, don't you think having 2 decimals after the seconds is enough? instead of 3? Plus there's no real way to know the thousandth decimal place unless you do some maths or something. It would make the LBs less cramped imo (it's just imo). Idk what you think.

Or have an option for it? hundredth vs thousandth decimal? That would be nice.



Personnaly i think 3 decimals is better. Probably because one of the games i play actually have 3 digits.
An option would definitly be nice though.


This option already exists and has to be turned on by the game moderators for 3 decimal places.

Bear in mind games that have in-engine ways of timing usually can go as accurate as system clock, which for modern PCs, a resolution all the way down to 1/10,000,000 of a second. I usually only see the millisecond option enabled for games that support this kind of timing, as opposed to manually splitted games.


Some games can be timed to the frame and requires a third digit.
I am thinking of highly competitive WR such as Super Mario Bros Any%.
And there are also in-game time that are very accurate on PC games.
Also, with 60 fps videos, you can have a pretty nice accuracy.
I don't see why it should be removed.


I did not express myself well.

I didn't mean to remove the thousandth decimal, just to have an option to have only the hundredth for games that don't really need thousandth.
And if it's possible, have the option to allow decimals for particular categories?


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Not showing the thousandth decimal would be great as an option, a lot of leaderboards I use would look better that way 🙂


It's part of a desired update to modularize timers that keeps getting pushed back. That would include an arbitrary amount of arbitrarily named, arbitrarily formatted timers, and potentially allow for score tracking.

Adding a toggle option would probably just create additional hackish code to be cleaned up later unfortunately.