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i got displeased what they use filmora then they got angry then i respond to what they made fun of me speedrun blue's clues games then arged over who was right but then he digged up my twitter and found repost of furry art in 2016 and is planing to make a video about they join the blue's clues speedrunning discord just to troll me about it.


Idk what's going on at all but from what I understand here is what happened:

Connor is a YouTuber who started making speedrunning content about Scratch speedruns, and he advertised his video in the OSG forum. Jojo poked fun at the giant watermark covering the video, which made Connor upset. Connor started attacking Jojo's runs, digged through his Twitter to find old tweets, raided a discord server, and made multiple "exposed" videos about him, while Jojo begged Connor to leave him alone.

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No, I'm in the scratch speedrunning discord, and they've been arguing about it there.

I also read the forum posts that they each made.

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so what you are saying is...
ConnorO and jojoretrogamer is the sequel to that one person and starcrytas?

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I have no clue what jojoretrogamer said but if you understand good for you @Merl_Merl_


This thread is just sad.

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