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Wanted to add a game, asked for contact methods (weird, since mail works just fine), OK I guess so I looked at suggested methods and added my discord. Don't really use twitter, and youtube is horrible for communications. Anyhow then it let me do a request but I got a response with "Reason: Please add more contact methods to your profile (such as Twitter, Discord, Youtube, etc...)". Now I have already 2 super preferred contact methods, what more is needed and more importantly: why? Having a mail and secondary contact points should be more than enough or do you really need people to create a facebook, twitter etc just to be able to interact with the site? I just don't get the reasoning, it seems nonsensical.

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Mail is not a standard communication method. SRC doesn't allow users to see other people's personal emailadresses. Hence social media contacts are in place so they can be contacted through their 'shared social media' contacts. If you attach one more social media contact next to Discord, you should be good to go.


at the very least for a speedrunner today: It should be common to have twitch and youtube setup for stream attempts and backup uploads for your vods, discord being the universally best software today for direct communication. There's your tools right there. I don't endorse facebook/twitter as a norm for everyone to have by any means, society generally have gone a bit mad comes both of them. On the other hand: Email is dated compared to instant messaging and should only be used for actual business today rather than a prime means of communication imo.

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Its mainly because an emailadress can be considered sensitive information as opposed to a social media profile being something that has been shared publicly by a user themselves. Also Twitter is fine for a social media contact. We would actually encourage to attach a Twitter profile since its one of the better methods of communication through social media.

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