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I was editing a guide, and when I clicked 'Save', I ended up here
and nothing had saved.

And on another note, some games have their code in the text when searching: They link to the right pages, but that's what the text looks like.


The double HTML encoding in the search box has been fixed. The saving-guides option is something we'll have to take a look at.

Thanks for reporting these issues. 🙂

  [user deleted]

I am also having issues saving a guide.


Guide issue hasn't been fixed yet, it's one of the higher priority issues.


Guides might be fixed. Let us know if there are still issues.


Guides now save, thanks for that, and there's only a minor issue now (I wouldn't call it much of an issue, though) which is they save as a new guide instead of overwriting the old one.


Guides saving should now be completely fixed.


Yep, thanks.