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Hey I'm brand new here and was wondering if it was possible to submit a time for a game like SM64 without a video. I dug through the forums before asking but never found an answer. I have a of my time (which sucks by the way, doesn't even break top 100, I just want it up there to track it) to prove it at least somewhat. It says the video link is required but I'm so casual about the game, I don't have a video capture device, and I'm not going to webcam it. Is there anything I can do? I see times on there without videos, including the third best time in 16 star, so I figure it should be possible. I've filled everything but the video link field out and when I click Submit, it says "You didn't enter a video link."


It depends on the mod of each particular game. Some mods will not require you to have video, but some of the more popular games or moderators who believe video proof is a requirement, will have mods that say you do need a video. I assume ones without videos are times from people known in the community, done in livestreams or events or... just mod friends I dunno.

However, if you just type like "..." or "N/A" into the required video field, it will go through to the mods, who will decide then.

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If the mods have toggled "runs require a video" in their options, I think that's when that behavior occurs.