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Bio is advertising translation services. Post is probably stolen from somewhere.

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In relation to @JubileeJubilee 's last post, that account's post is on a chain wherein the other two posters are also bots to set up the response.


More bots, it's a lot them
(325 in total)

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i guess there is tons with 88 in their name



Jaypin88 is not a bot, almost all bots have no runs and this guy has runned a couple thousand games give or take. He also has quite a history with the community so for sure he’s not a robot. Jaypin was banned for stealing a run once but has been unbanned and moved on (hopefully he has moved on from that). Just because someone has numbers in their username doesn’t mean they are a bot.


If @starsmileystarsmiley isn’t here, why doesn’t @MetaMeta come here and substitute for her so she doesn’t have a crap ton of work to do when she comes back. I mean he made this thread, he might be busy doing other things but just saying.

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lol no


@SkittlesCat83SkittlesCat83 starsmiley almost always handles tickets and stuff the day of or the day after they're requested, she can take her time when she gets back.

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This may sound stupid.... but i'm little afraid, i might get banned for posting multiple times and THAT much amount of bots.

im in Danger for doing that?????

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I don't think so, you should post more😈
How do you find so many?

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Testing total nonsense numbers to be honest. i just get use 2 numbers to get a list (Users starting names from those)

example: (Numbers Typed)
11 (Users names)
12 (User names)
13 and so on...
by the way if you take a close look on my "Bot apocalypse" post, you will see the first 2 numbers are going in same order.(as shown above on example)

Surprisingly i use the same method with letters, This time starting from leter Q to letter M (From Top left all way Low right botton)

Example: Starting with Q
qq (User name)
qw ( same^)
qe (same^)
qr (same^)
Now take a look on my last post, Check the first 2 letters. Also something odd is
using the symbol ( & ) also bring up some names

Name Examples
Q& (Qand) yes this i searched this one too
W& (Wand)
E& (Eand)

Lasty How i know how much bots i report?
Well i'm using ABC editor app this counts the links. The Filesize on Bot apocalypse end up being 16kB and the other one ender up 10kB Can you imagine? 10kB is actually 10.000 Characters this is crazy!!

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Imagine if one of us was secretly a human-intellegent bot this whole time. And what if @ParasxosParasxos was a bot programmed to find bots to report, that would explain the whole finding a bunch of bots and other data. (His explanation isn’t good enough, I think we’re going to have to get himself to prove he is a human.)



Lol, seriously you believe that? How much simpler you want my explanation i even show some explamples, also i pointed a lot of my post for everyone to notice the pattern i used. As for idea, well i was messing with names that all

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