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im not exactly sure if this is a bot or just someone annoyingly self advertising completely unrelated stuff to speedrunning

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@SioNSioN They're a clueless sort that advertised their stuff here a few months back, and vanished when we told him off. He came back and did it again, and it seems the banhammer was waiting for him.

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@oo.D.W. guess i either missed them or forgot about them 😃

  SioNSioN again sorry not 100% sure if bot but made an account only to necro a 3 year old thread with a nonsense post

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just what is this thread?????
two bots talking to each other about dart boards

both accounts were solely made to post in this thread the other made

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Still a post up from the previous bot, by the way.

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@starsmileystarsmiley you banned @jacmatic11 but didn't delete their post

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