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@TheChoosenzOneTheChoosenzOne next time, make sure the bot you are reporting was not already reported. @Act7Act7 already reported that one

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My bad
i didnt look through the 19 other pages

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It was on the 19th page. Typically, the recent bots will be reported recently, and not predicted before the post. If the post was made a few hours ago, chances are that the bot report was made a few hours ago.

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Originally posted by VyPrNot a bot but this is probably their 8th account now
I'm taking the over on that.

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(edited: ) ban him and delete his posts

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@TuttereyTutterey It's pretty clear @Denim_akDenim_ak is not a bot. He's just looking for streaming/capture card advice. He's talked about running SM64 in his other posts, and his twitch has long videos of him grinding that game.

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