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I think is a bot account because of what there talking about


@TheChoosenzOneTheChoosenzOne next time, make sure the bot you are reporting was not already reported. @Act7Act7 already reported that one

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My bad
i didnt look through the 19 other pages


It was on the 19th page. Typically, the recent bots will be reported recently, and not predicted before the post. If the post was made a few hours ago, chances are that the bot report was made a few hours ago.

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Not a bot but this is probably their 8th account now, ban evasion

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Originally posted by VyPrNot a bot but this is probably their 8th account now
I'm taking the over on that.

(edited: ) ban him and delete his posts

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@TuttereyTutterey It's pretty clear @Denim_akDenim_ak is not a bot. He's just looking for streaming/capture card advice. He's talked about running SM64 in his other posts, and his twitch has long videos of him grinding that game.

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