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What user counts as a bot?


a user thats not human


How would I know that.


they all advertise something completely unrelevant example picture

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i mean he didnt post anything lol
look even if you cant go his home and see he is 100% a bot, probably report here in there is any user which stupid posts like promoting something stupid in places where have 0 to do with the topic of the forum, like if a user appear in some game forum to promotionate downloading free geometry dash website lol

and @jackzfimljackzfiml whats wrong with this one lol
kind of randomo question but he is on Talk


@jackzfimljackzfiml I posted the same user 2 hours before you.

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Not a bot, but it's a site alt of @Skittlesguy2x4. This kid really wants to get perma'd off the site.
edit: pussy changed username 💀

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Specifically the edit in this post, the first post by this one seemed on-topic.

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