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Hey everyone, we’ve got a second round of moderation features for the recently released comments sections. Let’s dig into the details.

Comments Permission Levels

• Game Moderators (both Super Mods & Regular Mods) can choose a setting for run comments on their game:
- Allow comments on runs
- Allow comments from users with a verified run (in any game)
- Allow comments from users with a verified run (in this game)
- Disable comments on runs for this game

Individual Run Comments Controls

• Authors (Runners) or Game Moderators can lock comments sections, preventing new comments from being posted but leaving old ones in place
• Authors (Runners) or Game Moderators can disable comments sections, preventing new comments from being posted and wiping existing comments

For more details, check out the news post about the changes here

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Im not going to applaud you for this Elo, as this should have been the bare minimum this should have been implemented with.
Also the fact that its still a opt out has a sour aftertaste.

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I've been off the forums for the past 3 days, have you also started adding beta testers or something because I've seen a few forum posts saying stuff like "they added beta testers" or something. I want to know if it's misinformation or if they genuinely got added.

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Can we also have the sub-categories with no drop down menu?
Games followed tabs are also still there.

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also make it so with games with only one leaderboard not have a dropdown

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@Bob-chickenBob-chicken you can disable the followed games box on your profile in the privacy settings menu.

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Oh, I thought it would be default. Thanks!
Can we also have it so by default the selection where the user needs 1 verified run in any game? If not, then dead games would be bot heaven.

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we still need the fix of leaderboard themself.
more variables should be shown again if they are kept short and subcategories and categories all listed.
misc was always a option for a dropdown menu in categories and subcategories! (which is supirior in every way to side scrolling)

The HOI4 board heavily relies on those features.
instead of a main subcategory some secondary shown ones and a misc dropdown we have a dropdown for everything.
Also we have important information in our variables which cant be seen anymore besides being kept short to fit into the old layout with much space.

Also i wouldnt do a "blackout" like other communities do.
i would do a softnuke because not verifying only hurts moderators and runners, but the thing is this update already did a softnuke to the board.

Edit: i didnt think much when asking for reduction to people with verified run in the game.
but reduction to verified run in the series would be a great addition.

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More good changes. Comments in general still need to be opt-in, though. Without that, you'll still have the problem of games with inactive runners/mods being spammed with hate speech/NSFW content, which is unacceptable.

I'm also going to echo the feedback of reverting the dropdown subcategory menu back to what it was before. I've seen firsthand that the dropdown menu is confusing people (even me on some games I moderate), and hiding categories that the community wants visible.

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At this pont im willing to give up and tell elo if they want there cake and eat it too, they will have to put up with shitty comments on the site.
The inactive leaderboards with hate speach will impact elo more then the greater speedrunning community




Yeah, this is all well and good, but as long as it's still opt-out it means literally nothing.

Also kinda curious to know how Elo is going to handle this...
- Where do we go to report illegal content in comments?
- How many resources have they allocated to moderate the content that they've now opened up for?
- Since it's opt-out, are they going to moderate comments on abandoned accounts and on runs where the mods simply don't want the extra hassle of moderating comments?

If this ham-fisted approach is any indication of the future, then I guess it's back to Google Sheets for the few, small games I mod... Generally I feel like the lack of communication from Elo speaks louder than what little communication has come from them. They're doing the bare minimum to appease the angriest and loudest people/communities with absolutely no commitments to not make similar mistakes in the future. I'm taking that to mean that it wasn't really a mistake as much as it was a strategy or at least something they had accounted for.
And again, I'll be happy to be proven wrong...


madsen, perhaps you should look into the open source alternative to src that is currently under development. Perhaps this could be a solid alternative to src at one point. look for