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for some games, like ape escape 3, we have a mini game that has its own levels and categories. we currently use the rom hacks section as a minigames hub. it would be nice to have that section to have minigames or romhacks, depending on which is added.


Seems like a good idea, but I think it would be best to just have the mods be able to change that text. It could be used for different things for different games.


Yeah, the name "romhack" is used for various things in
Yes, there are minigames but also mods especially for the Source Engine and that would be cool to be able to change that name.


Rom hack should just be a global game flag that means the game has a parent game. Games should be able to be divided into subgames ideally, and main games should be able to have multiple arbitrarily named "full game" and "individual level" boards.

I don't think we should hack in short term solutions to these issues, as it will just create more cleanup going forward.