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With the new layout, the game's release year is listed after the game's name in the leaderboard page. The problem is that sometimes the release year is already contained in the name, like in God of War (2018). Since there is another game called God of War, to differentiate we put the release year in the new game's name. So now the leaderboard says "GOD OF WAR (2018) (2018)". How could we fix this?

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Likely the site staff will have to change the names to not include a date.

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I think the font of the release year should be small, and moved to somewhere else in the section. You know, exactly like it was before.

Maybe move it below or above the platforms, there is lot of empty space there.

At the very least, lower the font size of the release year. It definitely does not have the same "priority" of the game title, they can't be styled in the same way.

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@GarshGarsh this is not a good solution.
Look at the first example - you have two games called "God of War" and "God of War (2018)".
How are you supposed to rename the second game?

Games' properties should definitely not be changed just because of poor CSS design choices.

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Yeah definitely don't rename the games. The (2018) won't appear in the search bar, followed list, or even player profiles.

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I pasted a custom CSS script which I made for the site, here:
Among other things, it also lowers the font size of the release year.

So in the example of God of War, it will still show "(2018) (2018)", but the second text will be much less obtrusive.

If you don't want to use custom CSS, you will have to wait for indefinite amount of time until the issue is addressed and fixed.

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