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The whole point of the password reset was because people used the same password everywhere.

If you insist on it, I would tell you not to do it for your own online safety. Then I’d tell you’d to save the new one somewhere (there is software for this). Then if you still insist, just go through the forgot password process again and change it again. I don’t think the site has an age limit on passwords preventing you from using former ones, unless it’s been added since the issue.

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You can't.

Also relying on a single password for more than one site is a terrible idea. Especially if you're using similar usernames.

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I'll give some advice I've learned from experience in security and passwords.
1. Contrary to popular belief, three or four random words tends to make a better password than nine random characters.
2. You can remember passwords easily by making them similar, or changing them in some specific way. For example, if one of your passwords is ForTenFires, you can make a new password by using the key up and to the right of the one in the original password, making the previous example T05^4jT954e. This isn't the best idea, but it works.
3. If you can't manage to do that, get a password manager. There are some free ones, but it's usually worth it to use one that costs at least a couple of bucks, especially if you include banking or work related passwords.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

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@kreepers If you get hacked and you're a moderator of a board, I will personally remove the ability for you to ever get mod again due to your utter stupidity of resetting your password to what it was before.

You SHOULD NOT be using your previous password if you ever had XSplit.

Read this document:

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Not to mention all of this guy's forum posts are cringe at it's finest.