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I submitted a game in the past and it was approved in 12 hours.

That was before the new submission page was made (which is pretty cool). I submitted a game more than 24 hours ago and it still hasnt been approved. How long on average does it take, and if it gets declined do I get a notification so I can resubmit?


It's usually not more than 3 days. I think it's been kept under 5 days for the past few months.

You should get a notification on accepting or declining. I'll make a note to add a line about the notifications and expected timeline to the page.


It got through. I was worried when it told me to link a game page and the closest I could find was a playstation blog article.

  [user deleted]

Currently it just says 'Error:Submissions are now closed!'
Any idea why or when they'll be back up?


You were accessing the submission form for marathons, not the request game form for the site which is at .
I have changed the error message in case anyone else makes the same mistake.