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This'll be my last one since Racing's proved himself to have no ground to stand on since I went to bed.

Originally posted by RacingmonsterBut I proved everything, they say everything.

Again, typing something out does not count as proof. Is this really that hard for you to understand?

Originally posted by Racingmonster(Before you say you aren't, weirdly enough your other forum posts are deleted but the replies to me, hiding something huh?)

I have never before posted to these forums since their inception. Again, good try, though. If an admin wants to take their time to confirm that, they can.

Originally posted by Racingmonster It was meant as a joke manner (and unless you can't detect sarcasm, grow up)

Using a racial slur in a joke still shows the kind of person you are. If you didn't want it used or brought up, you shouldn't have linked to it. You don't get to pick and choose what's used against someone without people doing the same to you.

Originally posted by Racingmonsterbut since when me and lo1ts discussed it in chat on a livestream

Except, apparently, you didn't. Prove otherwise.

Originally posted by Racingmonstermy views skyrocketed and im sure someone recorded it and left after I was done talking about it.

Again, the burden of (Actual.) evidence is on you.

Originally posted by RacingmonsterYou just said that I made him look bad as a person, not a mod. PROVED my point you are undeniably bias. This is NOT personal but professional. Thanks for helping prove you bias.

I'd just like to point out that you said I should grow up if I couldn't detect sarcasm. You wanna be the pot or the kettle?

Originally posted by RacingmonsterAnd as a Game mod, I'm sure everyone expects you to have rules set up and not blanks over the entire leaderboard, don't try to justify him as a mod when you don't even do yours lol (

OH SHIT, YOU GOT ME. Except, oh, wait, the moment I saw that, I added categories that included the DLC. Thanks for taking that bait, by the way.

Originally posted by RacingmonsterNow im done with you. Just hearing you bias is just funny now.

Yeah, I am biased. Against a child throwing a temper tantrum because he hasn't gotten what he wants.

Originally posted by RacingmonsterAlso I have people that said they want to intervene

And I totally have a girlfriend that goes to a different school far away, so you wouldn't know her.

Originally posted by Racingmonsterbut I said not to because I can hold my ground, but you and havi are aiding Lo1ts because he has nothing to say about my reasons.

First off, constantly repeating the same baseless crap over and over again is not "holding your ground". Second, I don't have to aid Lo1ts with anything. He's responded to all of your "reasons", you just won't accept those responses, but expect everyone to accept yours. You're not special just because you feel you are. You don't get to demand proof and not show any yourself. And before you go and type out more of your "proof", I'd advise you to go back and read the top of this post again.

This was fun. See ya'll in ~6 months, apparently.

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At this point the posts are negligible, because it's really just coming down to bickering.

If a mod is wanted off by a community as a whole, it's kinda weird how none of the so-called others have come out to speak about this. Like, this is a direct confrontation between only 2 people. From the looks of it the COD community isn't involved.

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Could you please de-mod some supermods for ?
Srwatcher, Pyman and Sephjul. These guys have been inactive between 1 week to 3 months.
Messages was sent to them over a week ago without any response.

2 mods have already been added for replacements.



Hello guys,

I will only post once about that, very personnal stuff.
For the moment i have very important health issue and i simply cannot focus on speedrundotcom for the moment.

I m at hospital since 2 weeks and will be there for long time.
Btw about removing me from moderation of re2, it's a good decision.

I mean except my personnal issue, i m not an active RE2 moderator.
In the future i will give my opinion on the forum as every RE community runner.

So please, can you tell it to others about my problems and that i will come back.
Expecially RE1 community cause i m kinda involved.

Thanks for reading even if i know it s not the right place to write it.
If you want to talk, please do it on twitch or private message twitter cause i don t have my PC.
Love u all.

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@Darazanjoll, I removed myself as super moderator on Resident Evil 2. There are much more active members of the community willing to actually put their time into verifying runs so it's only fair to leave it to them now in my opinion to do so. I'd like to add that I'm assuming the way you attempted to contact all of us was through twitch messages which I didn't even realize I had one in my inbox until reading this thread. Using twitter would have been a much better option in my opinion as we all would know the day of the tweet.

I believe the other 2 super moderators mentioned if you attempted to contact them the same way through their twitch inbox and not a more noticeable way are also not ignoring you on purpose either. I just wanted to put that out there.

Anyway, the TLDR version: I no longer have mod on the Resident Evil 2 leader board and I'd suggest contacting the 2 other people mentioned through a more reachable medium if you actually want their feedback on the matter.

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In reference to the last couple of pages:

Why is it apparently too much to ask game moderators to behave like sensible, responsible, mature people? Seriously.

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Seph, take as much time as you need. 🙂

Also yeah, messaging via Twitch should never be a thing really. They massively messed up message notifications (god knows why this still isn't fixed), so you just don't know you have a message unless you go in there randomly.

Twitter should always be the best form of contact, in my opinion, and every mod should try to at least have a twitter for contact.

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@SephJul: stay safe, wish you the best!

@FurryWulfz, @srwatcher:
It was StevenMayte who sent the msg's and I wasn't aware that they were sent through twitch, since he's moving between houses and a kid on the way he is quite buzy atm so I posted in this thread on his behalf 😛

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Hey, this isn't a really a typical request but nevertheless I need help with a leaderboard moderation thing. I'm a series mod for the Silent Hill series and a few of the games and we're currently having problems because most of our series mods are somewhat inactive for various reasons and a lot of these games only ever had series mods as moderators. I was added some length of time ago as a series mod to try and alleviate this problem only to find it basically didn't help at all since for some inexplicable reason games in the SH series appear to be decoupled from series moderator power, which makes having series mod effectively meaningless. Consequently, it's been a little hard to restructure the moderation of these boards.

The question I'm asking is, what in the fuck hell is going on with those boards? I can't see any way to undo or fix that particular problem so I can start adding more people and actually give the series some active moderators. We're a little stuck without some help on this one.

PS: I cannot think of a remotely tactful way to phrase a request like this so I'm just going to say it, but can I also request that you guys pull Zorkiy's mod from the SH series and any games he might have in it? He's been inactive on for seven entire months. The reason for this is that according to his friends and family, he actually died. And he's super mod, so we can't pull it ourselves? At least, I can't. Maybe I misunderstand how the system works to some degree. I'm really sorry to even have to ask that but since we're restructuring the moderation and all....

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I can think of like, five reasons that's a terrible idea, but seriously who the fuck are you to know what he would've wanted or not. Shut up you remarkably insensitive lout of a person.

Either way, I'm not asking for his runs to be deleted, never would I ever suggest that. I'm being as business-like as possible that we need a mod removed for really long inactivity, the specific reasoning is incredibly sad, but the outcome is no different. Don't act weird about it, it's heartbreaking enough.

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They aren't asking for Zorkiy's times to be removed. They're asking for his mod status to be revoked, because people will likely message him to talk or ask for advice about the boards/runs/the game and they won't get a response back.

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Should his times remain on the board? Yes, obviously.

Should he retain moderator status? No, why would that be the case? This simply has nothing to do showing the proper respect, because moderator is not a status symbol. It's a position of authority and responsibility for a user who is currently fulfilling a specific role. If that person is not fulfilling that role, they're simply NOT a moderator. I completely get wanting to memorialize someone, but this is not the way to do it. Make a thread on the game forum in memory of them or something, just not this. What you're requesting essentially results in the people in question never getting demodded, because when has it been long enough to do so?? Losing people is obviously horrible, but this is just an attempt to cling onto them and not move on.

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Nosbile: That user is usually pretty active, maybe he was offline for a bit. I'd recommend discussing it with him.

Buffet_Time: He wasn't online for 2 months not 12, but I'll remove him since the board has no runs.

LGD: Run pending, added. I go through all of these posts in order even if they get pushed up by other posts.

eddiecatgaming: Popular games generally have active mods and active communities, those games probably don't have an inherent need for more mods.

Wolexi: Since you have runs I'll add you in this specific case.

Ozotuh: I'll consider this change if the message sits a bit longer.

Racingmonster: I don't think there's an inherent need to make a change here. Mods aren't really required to meet some huge standard for activity most of the time, so long as there aren't major issues and runs are being approved by someone. I skimmed your posts and I gathered "He's inactive and I don't like it." The presentation of your posts comes off strongly as argumentative. There are ways to say you're not a fan of inactivity without typing pages of posts.

Darazanjoll: Since 2/3 mods are okay with it and the third isn't particularly active, this is fine.

SuccinctAndPunchy: Series moderators don't auto-inherit any more. I think this situation is better than arguing about whether the old "Series mods have power here" box should be checked or not. I made some changes, including accidentally super modding and then unsuper modding one person to revert my mistake which might've sent them a confusing notification, whoops.

Got behind again, sorry.

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@kenanelite123 A new mod just got added. Just wait it out. Contact him and see if he wants help or not if you are really desperate.



Sorry, but its been four weeks, I have every right to be angry!

Yeah let's be rude towards people who do this voluntarily on their free time and who may have more important stuff to deal with IRL.

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Hey, im a Rivals of Aether streamer and i work Together with the Publsiher.
The Rivals of Aether mod is offline since 24 days and no one can confirm the runs, so i want to ask if you guys can Mod me.
I very active in the Rivals scene and im 24/7 on the Discord Server in EU/NA.

Thank you!

Best Regards


@kuma90210 did you try contacting him on his linked profiles? his twitter looks active.
this is a last resort thread after contacting doesnt work.

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i would Like become Supermod in Atelier Ayesha:The Alchemist of Dusk ( ) , Atelier Rorona:The Alchemist of Arland ( ) ,Atelier Shallie:Alchemists of the Dusk Sea ( ) , Atelier Totori:The Adventurer of Arland ( ) , Thank You


You don't have any pending runs on these games so why do you request these games ?
Also, considering that you are moderator of dozens of games, and only have runs in 4 (or 5 at most) games, I'm am not in favour of letting you being moderator of more games. You just seem to take moderation for random games for weird reasons.
Oh, and I quoted your message so it's pointless to edit or delete it.

EDIT : I like how he still deleted his message.

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@Trollbear666 yes i tried to contact him.
I deleted the tweet now.


@Kuma90210 why would you delete the tweet...?

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