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From the series of "What happens when speedrunning is the only thing you do in your spare time and want everyone else on the site to have the same passion as you" comes another great hit novel.

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owhg, I'm just reposting my request, since it might have been overlooked after that discussion:

"""Hello, I would like to be moderator of Arcana (SNES). The moderator OldGrumphrey seems to be inactive, busy or anything. I sumbitted my run 1 month ago. Also tried to message him on Twitch but no response.

Not that I want him discharged or anything, just want my run on the leaderboards too. Thanks in advance."""

By the way it's been more than a week since I messaged him at Twitch and no response. And his twitter account is suspended for some reason. So I have no way of contacting him.


@LGD you dont need to repost it, the admin will read from the last post he did and check requests from there.


Boy do I like speedruns

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i like drama FrankerZ

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There's a difference? Kappa

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Reminder that there is a proper quote function.

Originally posted by exampletext

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This is a waste of my time so I thought I'd just respond to the stuff that annoyed me the most and as always, let everyone just judge accordingly. (also I'm not gonna use quotes ;^))

Lo1ts never replied because he has nothing. Proves my points exactly.

-I work full time buddy, sorry I didn't respond as fast as you would have liked

7 - No it's not. Clearly he\s a ghost mod, and the funny thing is now he\s talking on discord after posting this. He literally is on damage control now.

->damage control

guess talking about how an imgur link with my name on it is gay furry porn is "damage control" nowadays, gonna keep that in mind for the next thread. Also I stopped posting in the discord once you joined because since you can't seem to grasp this concept yet. I don't want to interact with you

But Lo1ts, I'm not even gonna attempt to "bury the hachet" with you a 3rd time. It's your move this time, you can handle this privately with me like a real leader would or continue to try to push away from it and have me come back to this thread 3 months later dude. Like I said, I confronted YOU about it, and you acted childish about it and didn't want to talk lol.

-Clearly blocking you on numerous platforms didn't send the message home so I'll just put it out here so you can check back for next time. I don't want to "bury the hatchet" I don't want to "#HashItOut" I want to never interact with you again. Okay? Cool, gonna wait for the admin response now.

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Imagine being mad that an src mod isn't as active as another, resulting in a total of 0 problems.

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(quote​=Racingmonster)I did try to work it out with you, and you refused. No leader in community will be like that.(/quote​)

So no community leader is allowed to have an opinion of another person and distance or, in this case, choose to not interact with said person altogether? I didn't know community leaders had to be robots with no personal opinions. Shit, just from these few posts you've managed to drool out, I wouldn't want to interact with you in any capacity.

Originally posted by RacingmonsterSo Do i (well have another one now, but didn't get a start date yet.) lol?(/quote)

So you don't have a full-time job.

(quote​=Racingmonster) But doesn't mean I don't spend 10-15mins a day to do my job as a mod and check up on things(/quote​)

You must be set in life and have everything you want if using any amount of time outside of working a full time job to moderate a hobby is a high priority to you.

(quote​=Racingmonster)aswell as provide my input with other game mods on a decision.(/quote​)

Havi has already stated that speaks with Lo1ts if something comes up.

(quote​=Racingmonster)But you liked others posts between the 3 hours I didn't reply ( I was at my pt job) So that claim is crap. You could of made a reply, and didn't.(/quote​)

Do you seriously even think about the drivel you type out? Reading something and pressing a little icon takes much less time than responding in a coherent manner. Did it ever occur to you that, in that amount of time - 3 hours, as stated - that he could have been on oh, I don't know, a break? I'd be happy he is actually paying attention to this shitfest instead of thinking about his job. Because I sure wouldn't.

(quote​=Racingmonster) I don't like being a dick like this(/quote​)

Don't lie, especially to yourself.

(quote​=Racingmonster)After listening to how people like Donald Trump handles people making invalid/lies on him, and his responses(/quote​)

So you're gonna plug your ears and go "lalalalalawrongwrongwrongwrongIcan'thearyouI'mrightI'mrightIshoudlwinIshoudlwinIshoudlwin"? Wait, why is that a question? You've already been doing that.

(quote​=Racingmonster)That eventually they will stop when you keep proving them wrong with factual evidence, which I have and it worked.(/quote​)

Most of your "facts" have been hyperbole. Your only factual statements - you know, things that have actually been proven? - are that Havi verifies runs faster than Lo1ts, that Lo1ts doesn't like you (Oh dear lord say it ain't so!), and that, even if someone prioritizes other things over a hobby, you'll still want to be special and have them devote their precious time to you.

(quote​=Racingmonster)It's whatever really. But if a ghost mod is being asked to be removed in future on this thread and I see, I will back that Ghost mod up because the site admins didn't make the right choice in removing Lo1ts (if they don't) I won't let bs happen to me and no one else.(/quote​)

I just really liked this one. Shows that you're actually a petulant child.

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This comment has been redacted by the moderator team because it contained offensive slurs.

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lol I posted after saying I wasn't gonna post again epic. (quotes are too hard)


Both of you and Lo1ts reasons for "not wanting to waste time with me" all are merit-less and made-up.

Because having a pissing contest in the mod thread when I could be enjoying my free time doing LITERALLY anything else is "merit-less" and "made-up." When you're right you're right


You do know that's irrelavent now because Lo1ts and I resolved it and pretty the entire community on SRCom, (they just trolled me) and I already said that to all the people in the cod community when they question my post with that, they understood, and that was that. You don't need to try to start something up that's been resolved bud. , so no shock value added to your post, nice try, It was meant as a joke manner (and unless you can't detect sarcasm, grow up) and EVERYONE i talked to about INCLUDING Lo1ts understood is was mistake I didn't mean to make (somehow I see someone saying im lying about this, but since when me and lo1ts discussed it in chat on a livestream, my views skyrocketed and im sure someone recorded it and left after I was done talking about it.

I don't talk to you, let alone watch your stream

[quote​] You just said that I made him look bad as a person, not a mod. PROVED my point you are undeniably bias. This is NOT personal but professional.

We're playing video games on the internet? Didn't know this was literally another day in the office. Guess I better shape up before the boss gets here

[quote​] You both just hate I am the only one in the community that has to be the one to ask/ "complain" about them.

I just don't like you, not because of you asking questions/complaining. I just don't like YOU. Okay?

[quote​] Which by the way, I asked for me "complaining" from you and you proved nothing.

We'll keep going with me needing to provide stuff and you just needing to type up really long posts and calling it good enough ;^)

[quote​] So you are saying I am dick but never met me.

tfw you're "mister lolts" and a "fucking asshole" and have never met 🙁
BTW thought i'd help you out. For the followup video its like "exploits" without the "exp" not "lolts"

[quote​] Oh also anyone thinking I have all the cod community hating me, nah. I asked them like I stated about removing lo1ts in my original post and all 4/5 people agreed as I said. So only two that have this hatred is these two kids here. Havi and Lo1ts.

It's a shame that everyone here knows you well enough to trust you and everything you say but to defend myself I'd have to have screenshots from chats for the last few months to prove I'm around, have my twitter, steam, discord and twitch linked to my SRC account and just choose to not talk in our discord because you're in it and I don't talk to you because
[quote​] I just don't like you

Also I don't wanna rat anyone out but I asked 8/8 of my closest cod speedrunning friends and they ALL said I was doing a good job. So I think we're getting conflicting results from our surveys =/


and oh he probably will stay mod even with clear abuse of his job.


[quote​] Also I have people that said they want to intervene, but I said not to because I can hold my ground, but you and havi are aiding Lo1ts because he has nothing to say about my reasons.

That right there deserves a very nice, but still firm

Dude, Nice

See me on the playground kiddo, I'm done here

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Also I love how you say your busy, but everytime we do this, your active as hell man 24/7.

tfw post 3 times in 24 hours between work and sleep and you're active as hell


Yep, keep think my video is roasting/insulting you go ahead.

You called me a fucking asshole? But I guess you backed that up with facts and proof so it's not an insult 😃


I debunked/proved that all of your bs is wrong, and now none of the bandwagon are liking your guys posts. They have became neutral. (which they should because it's nothing to do with them but just Call of Duty Community)

Speedrunning drama gets boring within a few hours my dude, nobody is reading this anymore


Well those 8/8 are probably not in the community because less than 6 do active runs in discord and the others don't have discord.

This wasn't even a good b8 m8 🙁


Why didn't you say anything about if you are willing to be series mod or not? We all in the community know what you would truely say, but you are holding back.

Sure trapped me in a corner here, my only choice is to


Thats fucking lie and you know it. if my advanced warfare stream was still up, I would of proven that via chat reply.. YOU COMMENTED ON MY STREAM ABOUT THE N-WORD INCIDENT JOKING AROUND ABOUT IT, THEN YOU GOT OVER 8 PEOPLE ON MY STREAM AS SOON AS TOLD MY SIDE OF THE STORY, and when I finished... ALL OF YOU LEFT. You fucking lying man. Don't say you never watched my stream, someone has it saved, and if they uploaded that to Youtube, your ass would be proved to lie for what the 5th time now?

Got you covered family

havi messaged me about how I was in your chat the other day (heres a screenshot since you like proof with everything xd)
tfw your name is Lo1ts with an s not a z
tfw you avoid racingmonster and you can't escape him
tfw a meme account talks to him on his stream and he thinks its you
Don't forget to follow @Gocnak on twitter for updates on ghosting mod

Had a blast, see you guys in 6 months for another exciting episode of "Lo1ts is a shit mod pls remove"

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this is starting to get intense holy hell

  [user deleted]

Yeah, this really isn't going anywhere... this is as far as my involvement will stretch but I'd suggest suppressing the urge to respond to the next flaming rebuttal that gets posted as all it's achieving is taking up space on the thread, none of you are going to change your minds as a result of it.

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i'd say the same as everybody so far, wait for kirk's answer on this matter, this is not going anywhere and its just a flame war at this point.

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Reminder this is the "Leaderboard Moderation Requests Thread" not the "Remove X Moderator Because I Don't Like Them Then Watch as I Shit Up the Thread for a Day and Half Thread".

Seriously, either shut up or take this shit to PM with a site Admin, this is stupid at this point and I'm pretty sure nobody wants to see it here anymore.

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@Wolexi Doesn't stop the threads on from popping up ;^)

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